LCAD Graphic Design + Digital Media students create new brand identity for Sherman Library & Gardens 

Laguna College of Art and Design’s (LCAD) BFA program in Graphic Design and Digital Media has designed a new brand experience for Sherman Library & Gardens. 

Sherman Library Director Paul Wormser and Garden Director Scott LeFluer worked with Dana Herkelrath, LCAD Graphic Design and Digital Media Professor on the six-week long project. 

They provided access to research, historical and current data as well as gave feedback during mid-progress and final presentations. Students developed final brand identity solutions that included symbol and type solutions, color stories for brand expression, unique interfaces for web and mobile access, environmental graphic design for exterior signage as well as wayfinding in the garden. Students also considered advertising, marketing and merchandise for the Sherman Library & Gardens Garden Shop.

LCAD Graphic Design and Digital Media Alumni Emily Atwood, Ridan Arellano, and Torye Cooke were recognized as creating outstanding work that was relevant to the new brand experience.

LCAD Graphic Sherman building

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Sherman Library & Gardens in Corona del Mar

“What impressed me most was the consideration and creativity the students brought to the project,” said Wormser. “They took the time to explore the gardens and library, to ask questions, and to incorporate their experiences in their final products. We are very pleased by the final product.”

According to Wormser, Sherman Library & Gardens Garden Shop is rolling out the new logo and rebranding in presentations to various stakeholders, including announcements in the printed and electronic newsletters.

 “Students invested in design discovery, on-site interviews, tours and comprehensive research to determine how to best approach the guest and brand experience at this local cultural icon,” said Herkelrath. “We very much appreciate Sherman Library & Gardens for the opportunity to allow LCAD Graphic Design and Digital Media students to engage in designing and developing a multi-faceted solution for a local historical cultural center.”

LCAD Graphic Sherman logo copy

Rollout of new logo for Sherman Library & Gardens

This was the first collaboration between LCAD and Sherman Library & Gardens, but not the first time LCAD Graphic Design and Digital Media has partnered with leading brands to give students a real-life, immersive educational experience. Industry partners such as Anaheim Ducks, WATG, Museum of Modern Art, Taco Bell, Vans, Hurley, Nike, Stance and others have tapped the creative talents of LCAD students whose skill sets includes print, advertising, web, 3D motion, video, iPad development, packaging, UI/UX and virtual reality (VR).

Thanks to immersive, real-world experiences with a variety of cultural and business partners, more than 98 percent of LCAD’s recent Graphic Design and Digital Media graduates work in their chosen field, with most finding employment through LCAD prior to graduation.

Laguna College of Art Design (LCAD) offers a BFA in Graphic Design + Digital Media (GD+DM). The program offers a creative, digitally-advanced and professionally-relevant educational experience. All GD+DM students receive a comprehensive education in print, 3D, video, motion, and UI/UX design. The reputation of LCAD’s BFA program in Graphic Design + Digital Media has given graduates a competitive edge to gain employment with the world’s most recognized brands. 

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