Rita Rudner co-writes & stars in musical comedy Two’s A Crowd: Jason Feddy’s the songwriter

Laguna resident Rita Rudner will star with Davis Gaines in the musical comedy titled Two’s A Crowd, which will run at Laguna Playhouse from September 7-16. 

Songs are by Laguna’s own Jason Feddy, beloved musician and songwriter known throughout town. 

The play focuses on characters Tom and Wendy who are complete opposites. After a computer error, freewheeling Tom and uptight Wendy do their best to ruin each other’s vacations. Will they get to know each other well enough to reveal the real reasons behind their travel? Will they agree on sleeping arrangements? Will room service ever arrive? 

Rita Rudner and Rita Rudner

Rita Rudner takes the stage at Laguna Playhouse as Wendy 

The show was written by Martin Bergman and Rita Rudner, husband and wife. Martin is a producer and writer, known for movies like Pete’s Friends and A Weekend in the Country. Rita has starred on Broadway for many years in plays such as Annie Follies. Davis Gaines, is a well-known actor who has starred in the Broadway show Phantom of the Opera more than 2,000 times. 

Rita Rudner and Davis Gaines

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Davis Gaines is taking the stage at Laguna Playhouse as Tom 

Two’s A Crowd pairs audience favorites Rita Rudner and Davis Gaines in the world’s first unromantic comedy. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit www.lagunaplayhouse.com.