Saltfineart adds new deluxe work to Lux collection

Saltfineart + RAWsalt has just added new works to the gallery’s “The Lux List.” According to gallery owner Carla Tesak Arzente the collection represents, “a curated selection of striking works that contain an extraordinary amount of richness and depth in their composition and character.”

New works include a triptych by Jorge Lopez Pardo, Estados Del Ser or “States of Being,” Victor Hugo Zayas’ oil “Nude,” Andriy Halashyn’s “Broken Heart” oil, “Firenze,” and a performance photography piece printed on canvas by Cecilia Paredes to mention a few.

Pardo explained that his piece Estados Del Ser or “States of Being” is a reflection of the phases of life told through different states of water. The solid state is when life is born and becomes concrete; the liquid state is the movement and energy of our life as we live it and the gaseous state is the elevation of being that closes the cycle of life.

Other new works in the collection include pieces by artists Andrea Welton, Alexis Zambrano, and Greg Price.

 “The Lux List” features works in a spectrum of art mediums ranging in price from $1,500 to $17,000.

saltfineart LUX Zayas

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New pieces have just been added to the gallery’s Lux List including “Nude” an oil piece by renowned artist Victor Hugo Zayas

saltfineart + RAWsalt has been exhibiting contemporary works from around the world created by both world-renowned and emerging artists since 2009.

“At saltfineart we specialize in museum caliber Latin American Contemporary art, where our roots run deep and whose talent and commitment we are passionate about sharing,” Tesak Arzente said. “RAWsalt is emerging global. Dedicated to finding the unprocessed, driven talent that can be the most exciting to experience. The work guides us north to west, south to east and everywhere in between.”

 saltfineart + RAWsalt is located at 436 N Coast Hwy. For more information about “The Lux List” and current or upcoming exhibits, call (949) 715-5554 or visit