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Laguna Art Museum proudly presents Titi, Nunu, and Klembolo: Helena Modjeska’s Fairy Tale Book, now through May 27. The great Polish actress Helena Modjeska (1840–1909), best known for her performances in the plays of Shakespeare, was a star of the American stage in the 1880s and ‘90s. In 1888, she and her husband built a country home, Arden, in what is now Modjeska Canyon in Orange County. Among her many other talents, Modjeska was a gifted storyteller and artist. During breaks in her acting schedule she spent time at Arden writing and illustrating a fairy tale for her grandson, Felix Modjeski, presenting the 147-page bound manuscript to him as a Christmas gift in 1896. 

LAM Fairy Tale

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Helena Modjeska’s Fairy Tale Book opened March 3 and runs through May 27

With handwritten parallel texts in English and Polish, and ink-and-watercolor illustrations that show Modjeska’s flair for both fantasy and natural observation, the book tells the story of a pair of brothers, Titi and Nunu, who live on Mars. They run away from home, accompanied by their six-legged blue dog, Klembolo, but after some scary adventures return to their family and friends for Christmas.

LAM Self Help Graphics

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Ricardo Gonsalves, Don Juan’s Got the Blues, 1988, silkscreen

Self-Help Graphics is an East Los Angeles printmaking workshop and arts center that emerged from the Chicano movement of the 1960s and is on exhibit through May 27. It was founded by Sister Karen Boccalero, who was inspired by the committed social and political commentary she saw in the silkscreen prints made by her fellow nun, the celebrated Sister Corita Kent. In 1982, Boccalero launched the Screenprint Atelier program, which provided Chicano and Latino artists of the Los Angeles region with studio facilities, materials, and the technical guidance of a master printer. The result was an extraordinary and exuberant flowering of the silkscreen print.

The selection of prints is from the large Self-Help Graphics collection purchased by the museum in 1992 with the help of Charlie Miller, René and Norma Molina, and funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, a Federal Agency.

LAM new additions permanent collection

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Dan McCleary, Therapy, 2014, oil on canvas

Laguna Art Museum grows and strengthens its permanent collection largely through donations from collectors, artists, and foundations. Since the beginning of 2018 it has received some outstanding donations of works of art in recognition of the centenary of its founding organization, the Laguna Beach Art Association. 

On show in the museum for the first time, the Centennial Gifts include paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, and original prints by acclaimed California artists of the past and the present. The exhibit also includes some promised gifts pledged to the collection during the past year, and two museum purchases. The featured artists include Lita Albuquerque, Tony DeLap, Lorser Feitelson, Joseph Goldyne, Emil Kosa, David Ligare, Dan McCleary, R. Kenton Nelson, Edgar Payne, Ruth Peabody, Agnes Pelton, Charles Rollo Peters, and David Simpson. 

The exhibition is a celebration of the museum’s growth as it moves beyond the centennial year and an expression of gratitude toward the donors who, through their gifts, have contributed so richly to Laguna Beach’s artistic legacy.

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