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Laguna Beach Live! reschedules Billy Valentine benefit concert for November 18

Laguna Beach Live! is happy to report that it has been able to reschedule its benefit concert with the acclaimed Billy Valentine for November 18, 2020. 

This annual fundraiser benefits the free music education programs that Laguna Beach Live! offers at the Laguna Beach public schools, the Boys and Girls Club, Glennwood House, and the Susi Q Senior Center. 

Laguna Beach smiles

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Submitted photo

Laguna Beach Live! has rescheduled its music education benefit concert for November 18; seen here is Jason Feddy singing with Glennwood House residents

Ava Burton states, “While we are profoundly sorry to have to cancel the several concerts planned this spring, we look forward to bringing the joy of music to the community in the future. And we know the entertaining Billy Valentine is one of the best to bring joy! Save the date and we will let you know when tickets are on sale.”

For more information, visit

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LB Cultural Arts Center launches Laguna’s first TV station with episodes every Sunday

The Laguna Beach Cultural Arts Center has joined forces with the good folks at, an international live-streaming company owned by members of The Rolling Stones, Springsteen’s band, Ringo’s band, as well as Stevie Nicks’ bands. 

Rick Conkey of the LB Cultural Arts Center says, “For the past few days, Alert The Globe have been installing a high-end multi-camera streaming system at our Forest Avenue location. So rest assured our broadcast will be of the highest quality.” 

LB cultural outside

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Submitted photo CEO and Founder Ron Garrett (on left) with Rick Conkey

“As a result of this partnership, we launched Laguna’s first TV station. This online adventure kicked off on Sunday, March 29 with the premier episode of the ‘Anything Goes Happy Hour,’ and will continue every Sunday evening between 5 and 6:30 p.m. with great local, regional, and even international talent. The show also features fun and insightful interviews and commercials of local merchants and organizations.”

This Sunday’s episode will feature interviews and the music of Grammy-nominated artists Pato Banton (Reggae legend) and Lisa Haley of Lisa Haley & The Zydekats (Cajun, Zydeco), Co-Vids, an entertaining “Top 10” countdown of the world’s best COVID-19 music videos, important local updates, other live performances, along with a glimpse of what’s to come.

LB cultural Haley

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Submitted photo

Lisa Haley of Lisa Haley & The Zydekats

“This Sunday’s show will be our way of providing Laguna residents with a safe and fun option for the home and act as another step toward additional programming for our new community TV station, with the ‘Anything Goes Happy Hour,’ broadcast live between 5 and 6:30 p.m.” 

You can watch LIVE by clicking here, or watch on

LB Cultural Center is located at 235 Forest Ave.

For more information, go to

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Laguna Beach Live! receives Festival of Arts grant

Local music no-profit Laguna Beach Live! has received a generous grant from the Festival of Arts Foundation for the 2020-2021 school year.

The funds will be used to continue the free music education programs that Laguna Beach Live! offers at the Laguna Beach public schools, the Boys and Girls Club, Glennwood House, and the Susi Q Senior Center.

Laguna Beach band

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Laguna Beach Live! presents Mariachi Tapatio de Los Angeles at the Boys and Girls Club

“We are so grateful for the continued support of the Festival of Arts Foundation,” says Sara Warner, Director of Education for Laguna Beach Live! “Our mission is to bring musical artists of the highest quality to perform in local, intimate spaces. We hope to expand our outreach in the coming year to include performances at the Laguna Beach Public Library. It’s wonderful to be able to bring the joy of music to so many members of our community.”

Laguna Beach Live! presents monthly chamber concerts at Laguna Art Museum as well as Jazz and Bluegrass performances throughout the year. 

While a number of concerts have been postponed in the past few weeks due to the coronavirus, Laguna Beach Live! is appreciative of the donation of ticket refunds to help to continue to pay the artists. Public programs will return as soon as possible. 

To check the upcoming scheduling of events, visit

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Laguna Art Museum offers LAM+LAB at home for all ages

Laguna Art Museum is happy to offer an interactive exhibition for at-home art activities. Participants are encouraged to make each project their own, then share their art with LAM to see it featured in the museum’s Instastories. 

LAM+LAB at Laguna Art Museum is a space for exploration and play for all ages. While the museum is temporarily closed, you can bring LAM+LAB home with these art activities designed for all ages. 

Laguna Art Museum offers drawing

Submitted photo

LAM makes art at home available for all ages 

As LAM encourages students who visit at the museum: “There are no rules. You are the artist. Be inspired by the art from Laguna Art Museum’s exhibitions, but please make it your own and let your imagination lead you in unexpected directions.”

When finished creating each piece of art, post a picture of it on Instagram. Follow @lagunartmuseum and use the hastag #LAMLabAtHome to see your work featured.

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JoAnne Artman Gallery features new exhibition,  How The West Was Won, for online viewing

JoAnne Artman Gallery introduces a new series of exclusive online exhibitions, How The West Was Won, featuring America Martin, Billy Schenck, Greg Miller, and James Wolanin. The exhibition is currently on view and continues until May 1. It can be found by clicking here. 

The romance of the Old West reminds modernity of the freedoms it represents in our imaginations. Artists America Martin, Billy Schenck, Greg Miller, and James Wolanin incorporate the legacy of Western Expansion into their art.

These artists will inspire, provoke, engage, and mesmerize. With visual perceptions always changing, the viewer peeks behind the stories told, and is sure to find the right artistic expression.

Abundant in history, landscape, and folklore, the American Frontier was once synonymous with the cowboy’s take on the American Dream. The romance of the Old West and the temptation of corruption and vigilantism that juxtaposes its unbridled purity remind modernity of the freedoms it represents in our imaginations. 

JoAnne Artman America

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Submitted photo

“Untitled Native” by America Martin

The idealized West of shootouts and damsels in distress has been ingrained into the American identity, and its celebrated culture has tremendous influence on television, movies, clothing, art literature, and poetry. Examining how dime novels, pulp fiction art, comic books, and other forms of visual art created these fictional, often sensational, versions of people, places, and historical events of the West, artists America Martin, Billy Schenck, Greg Miller, and James Wolanin examine these themes and incorporate the legacy and fantastical elements of Western Expansion into their art. 

LA-based artist America Martin draws inspiration from her Colombian heritage, the natural world, as well as the landscape of Southern California. Her work frequently features the human figure shown in relationship to nature, with animals and plants used analogously to traits of personality. Martin works in a variety of media including painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture, yet her unique use of line and portrayal of form is notable across medium. In her recent body of work, she returns to the subject of Native American portraits, mixing indigenous motifs with her signature style and featuring depictions of the human form as solid, grounded, and in tune with its environment and spirit.

JoAnne Artman Schenck

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Submitted photo

“Indian Maiden” by Billy Schenck

Billy Schenck utilizes specific frames of reference in his oil on canvas depictions of the American West, establishing visual links between notable moments of American and film history, along with the history of visual modes of production. Stark contrasts, use of pattern, vivid hues, and a pop sensibility imbibe the work with a contemporary edge, while taking on some of the most popular tropes of Hollywood’s film industry. Schenck sources his imagery from both personal references as well as historical sources such as newspapers and other print media tying his personal narratives to those that came before.

JoAnne Artman Miller

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Submitted photo

“True” by Greg Miller

Greg Miller’s mixed media approach ties together the history of Pop Art, the processes of collage and assemblage as well as the concepts of urban decay and collective memory. Utilizing collected paper ephemera, Miller draws on his urban Californian roots to create tangible, evocative, visual narratives across his compositions through both image and text, with moments of poetic juxtaposition and historical allusion. Miller’s unique brand of Americana celebrates as well as notes our ties to iconic imagery that transcends the conventions of the passage of time.

Joanne Artman Wolanin

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Submitted photo

“How The West Was Won” by James Wolanin 

Bridging the past with the present, James Wolanin’s paintings transport the viewer to an effervescent, candy-coated world inspired by vintage advertisements, photographs, and the artist’s own childhood memories. Identifying with Pop artists like Andy Warhol and James Rosenquist, Wolanin taps into our culture’s collective visual conscious, creating vibrant, stylized reflections of American life. Beneath their glossy, seductive surfaces, the paintings swirl with intriguing psychological substance: Wolanin does not simply paint a scene, but constructs a fragment of narrative. 

JoAnne Artman Gallery is located at 326 N Coast Hwy. 

For more information, call JoAnne Artman at (949)  510-5481, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or go to

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Debuting tomorrow, Avran Fine Art presents an “Online Exclusive Exhibition”

Beginning tomorrow, April 4, and continuing through April 18, Avran Fine Art presents an “Online Exclusive Exhibition” of new inventory featuring artists: Nina K, QiQun Pan, László Lukacsi, R. Charles, Judit Csotsits, James Leonard, and Jennyfer Stratman. Artworks range from original paintings to bronze sculpture to museum-quality glass sculptures. 

To browse this outstanding collection of artworks on Artsy, click here.

All artworks marked “available” are ready to ship and available for purchase on Artsy.

Avran Fine Art showcases an extensive collection of unique, evocative glass works, and original paintings from both the national and international art scene.

Debuting tomorrow untitled

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Submitted photo

László Lukacsi, “Peacock,” laminated glass fan, 27’’ x 28’’ x10’’

For the last six years, Avran Fine Art has gained its reputation in Southern California as one of the leading destinations for world-renowned and museum-quality glass art. Each glass piece is a one-and-only of its kind, unique to the techniques used and months that went into its creation. The gallery prides itself on an inventory that solely focuses on original paintings. In addition to glass sculptures and original paintings, Avran has unique bronze freestanding sculptures and wall installations. 

Featured artists 

James Leonard’s compositions are entirely non-representational and move the viewer’s eye vertically or horizontally across the space. Leonard’s inventive layering process using an “extended palette knife” results in heavy impasto, or textured, surfaces with a glossy, wet shine making them particularly stunning when seen in person. He prefers to call himself a “colorist” and listens to the work as it develops, often carrying an element of smooth transition that he relates to water.

Using his unique artistic skills and his intense desire to continuously evolve as a painter, QiQun Pan utilizes modern color pigments and regards the materials that he uses as a major tool of free expression. The precision-like blending of colors that you see in Pan’s artwork is based on his skillful handling of a variety of mediums that ultimately become his unique abstract expressionistic style.

Debuting tomorrow peacock

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Submitted photo

QiQun Pan, “Untitled,” acrylic and mixed media on cavus, 56” x 78”

When eyes behold the glass art of artist, László Lukacsi, a connoisseur journeys through the history of the glass art movement in Hungary. Lukacsi structured training in applied arts, dedication to the traditions of the medium and the influences of his predecessors are illuminated in each of the cold-worked laminated glass sculptures. The fluid, organic shapes and optic illusions reveal not only his vision but also the laborious techniques.

R. Charles’ works are expressions of his experiences in the world around him. It is those intimate feelings he transfers onto canvas. He works in abstraction so that the layers, textures, and colors speak to each viewer in their own way. In a world oversaturated by media and constant mental stimulation, R. Charles seeks to capture that simple innate concept we can all relate to. 

Judy Csotsits’s works can be best described as aqueous. It connotes fluidity, of seamless motion, but also a unique kind of motion. While we are dealing with a uniform body with water, its slipperiness and ability to morph into endless contortions gives it a rarefied place in the natural world, despite its ostensible abundance on Planet Earth. 

Nina K’s work has been described as “explosive.” A burst of passion sweeps over the expanse of canvas with a sense of color magnetism. Her developed technique of thick layers of oil color is applied until her vision is achieved in rich textures and dimensions. 

Jennyfer Stratman grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1992 she commenced her studies at Arizona State University majoring in visual arts and art education. Stratman had entered academia as a ceramicist. After discovering the university foundry, she replaced fired clay with larger scale bronze, steel and mixed media sculptures yet retained a delicacy, intimacy and intricacy imbued from the ceramic process.

Avran Fine Art is located at 540 S Coast Hwy, Suite 106.

For more information, call (714) 865-8328 or contact Margo Godlove by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Friday Flicks continues via online screening today

The City of Laguna Beach Arts Commission has arranged for the last film of the Friday Flicks 2020 season to be made available online. The public is invited to view the film Play Serious (2018) today, Friday, April 3 via a link on the City’s Cultural Arts webpage at

The film follows Alexander Ekman as he creates his new work, Play, for the Paris Opera Ballet. The Cultural Arts Department contacted film director T.M. Rives regarding the possibility of making his film accessible to Laguna Beach residents online. 

Friday Flicks serious

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Submitted photo

“Play Serious” can be viewed on the City’s website today, April 3

The Arts Commission expressed the importance, now more than ever, that people can still experience and discuss art together. Rives stated that he, “Couldn’t agree more. It is not the time to pull art out of our lives.”

Suzi Chauvel, Arts Commissioner and Friday Flicks chairperson, said, “Please tune in to our last Friday Flick of the season via your computers. I know you will find this film inspiring, entertaining, and best of all you can watch it in your jammies!”

The City of Laguna Beach Arts Commission and Cultural Arts Department will continue to provide programming to the public at a time when the arts are needed most. 

Next week tune in for more Beatles songs with Jason Feddy.

Friday Flicks is funded by Laguna Beach residents Mark Porterfield and Steve Chadima. All film rights are reserved by T.M. Rives with permission of use granted to the City of Laguna Beach.

For more information, contact Arts Program Coordinator Michael McGregor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To view the film, visit

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Laguna Beach Live! presents music at its best

By Ava Burton, Associate Producer, Laguna Beach Live!

We at Laguna Live! hope you are staying safe and feeling OK at this strange and incredible time. While we are profoundly sorry not to be able to bring you live concerts right now, we know that the power of music to uplift and soothe the soul is of immeasurable value especially in time of crisis.

Laguna Beach flute

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Submitted photo

Enjoy the sounds of jazz music from Laguna Beach Live!

With that in mind, we’re sending our subscribers links to video of the artists whose shows we have had to cancel or postpone due to the threat of COVID-19, beginning with last week’s performer, double Grammy-winning flautist Danillo Lozano. 

Please click here – and enjoy the music. Sending love and virtual hugs to all of you and your families.

To support Laguna Beach Live!, visit

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Art That’s Small awards announcement

The 18th annual Art That’s Small at City Hall exhibition was installed on March 14, with 62 submissions. Unfortunately, City Hall has been and currently remains closed to the public. 

In order to make the exhibition more accessible during this time the Cultural Arts Department generated an online catalogue of the which can be viewed via the Cultural Arts page on the City’s website at

This year’s exhibition was juried online by artists David Milton and Vinita Voogd. Milton is an exhibitor at the Festival of Arts and Sawdust Art Festival and holds a Master’s degree in Fine Art from San Jose State University. 

Art That's Buzan

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Submitted photo

1st Place winner – Hedy Buzan, “Good Neighbors,” Oil

Voogd is a printmaker with a degree from the University of Delhi College of Art who exhibits at the Festival of Arts and teaches at Saddleback College and Golden West College. 

Congratulations to the following artists:

--1st Place – Hedy Buzan, Good Neighbors, Oil

--2nd Place – Jody Gerber, Innocence, Oil

--3rd Place – Carolyn Machado, Sheltering in Place, Mosaic assemblage

--Honorable Mentions –Alyssa Fields, James Nordstrom, Sophie Restrepo

Arts Commissioner Michael Ervin, who is Chair of the Exhibitions sub-committee, said, “While there is no true substitute for seeing the amazing artwork created by our community in person, we are grateful that today’s technology allows us to not miss out on one of our favorite annual programs.” Arts Commission Chair Adam Schwerner added, “We are so appreciative of everyone involved, especially the artists and jurors for their contributions to make this program still happen. We hope you can join us in person in September for Juried Fine Art. Congratulations to the selected artists.”

This program is funded by the lodging establishments and City of Laguna Beach.

For more information, contact Michael McGregor, Arts Program Coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Sawdust Festival offers much-needed boost to its artists

The first order of business during last Wednesday’s Sawdust Festival Board of Directors meeting was an action designed to bring immediate financial relief to Sawdust artists. 

By unanimous vote the board approved what is being called the “Sawdust Summer Artists Resilience Act of 2020.” 

Effective immediately: 

--Every artist will receive a full refund of their Summer 2020 payment. 

--No fees will be charged at a later date regardless of the Sawdust’s ability to open the show on schedule or in the event it would need to push back the opening due to public safety requirements. 

Sawdust Festival group

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Submitted photo

Sawdust Festival offers financial relief to artists in time of need 

Monica Prado, President, broke the good news to artists shortly after the board meeting by posting on the artists’ group Facebook page and issuing an email stating, “We understand the devastating impact the COVID-19 health crisis is having on Sawdust artists and their families. We recognize that any meaningful financial sustainability efforts we undertake on behalf of the corporation must also include assisting individual artists. The simple truth is our family of artists are the heart and soul of the Sawdust Festival. Helping ensure your resilience is essential.” 

Debra Covern, longtime Sawdust artist, responded to the news of the board’s action by saying, “I have not cried once through this whole thing until I read this news, totally broke down. Thank you for taking care of your artists during these tough times”. 

Visit the Sawdust Festival’s website at for more updates.

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