Council to interview and make appointments


The normal council agenda was turned upside down for Tuesday’s meeting to accommodate requests for special presentations to be made at night not in the afternoon when some folks complained working folks could not attend. 

Public comments and a special presentation on 5G installations and the permit process will be held following the presentation. Interviews and appointments of applicants for seats on one board, two committees and two commissions will be conducted first. Incumbents are identified by *; those who submitted applications for more than one position are identified by **, with the second applications in parentheses.

Personnel Board

The board hears appeals pertaining to employee disciplinary action, dismissals, demotions, reductions in pay or suspensions. Members meet as needed during two-year terms. 

Four seats, including an alternate, are to be filled.

Dawn Knepper*, Cathy King Viviani*, Mimi Niebuhr*, Karyn Philippsen and Terri Smith have applied.

Arts Commission

The commission advises the city council on proposed art projects and the costs, including the millions of dollars from the Business Improvement District, funded voluntarily by the lodging establishments in Laguna Beach. The commission has eight members, including an alternate. Four of them must be active participants in the arts.

The terms of Michael Ervin*, Pat Kollenda*, Suzanne S. Mellor* and Adam Schwerner * will expire in June. All four have reapplied. They are joined by Heidi Burkhardt, Sam Goldstein** (Housing and Human Services Committee), Michael Ray, Carl E. Smith, Liz Rizza** and Laura Widdow** (both of whom submitted applications for the Planning Commission).

Housing and Human Services Committee

The committee provides information to the council on affordable housing, the needs of all segments of the community, and makes available the resources and programs that deal with those needs. 

Cottie Petrie-Norris, who resigned from the committee when she was elected to the State Assembly in November, is one of the six members of the committee whose term is ending.

Applications were submitted by Jheri St. James*, Marcus Skenderian*, Rebecca Apodaca, Steve Kellenberg, Laura Asuers, Thomas Kadar** (Planning Commission) and Diane Robinson** (Emergency /Disaster Preparedness Committee).

Planning Commission

Twelve applicants are vying for the two open seats on the Planning Commission. 

The dozen in alphabetical order are: Steve Chadima, Chad Edgley, Jeff Feldman, Steve Goldman, Ernest Hackmon, Thomas Kadar** (Housing and Human Services), Karen J. Martin, Roger McErlane*, Liz Rizza** (Arts Commission), Diana Robinson** (Emergency/Disaster Preparedness Committee), Susan Whitin* and Laura Widdows** (Arts Commission).

Emergency/Disaster Preparedness Committee

The nine-member committee advises the council on disaster prevention, planning and preparedness. 

Shelly Bennecke, Thomas Gibbs, David Horne*, Charity Morsey*, Edward Mousally, Sonny Meyers*, Lynda Olsen*, Dianna Robinson** (Housing and Human services) and Lisa Romines have filed applications for the five open seats.