City Arts Commission presents new Beatles Sing-Along with Jason Feddy

The City of Laguna Beach Arts Commission has released its latest Beatles sing-along with musician Jason Feddy. Arts Commission Vice-Chair Pat Kollenda said, “Our fabulous Laguna Troubadour Jason Feddy is again bringing us joy with his latest sing-along, ‘With A Little Help from My Friends.’ Let’s all join in! “ 

The Arts Commission would like to thank Jason Feddy and photographer Rick Graves for volunteering their time to make this project happen on behalf of the community. Adam Schwerner, Arts Commission Chair, added, “Jason Feddy is cheerfulness itself when he’s up on stage. What a delight that he is ‘on stage’ now for us all to sing along with!”

City presents Feddy

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Jason Feddy is ready to bring us joy with his newest sing-along to “With a Little Help from My Friends”

“We are so fortunate to have talented artists as our resource in our community. As we look forward we must continue to support the community and our creators who call Laguna Beach home,” states the City. 

The new installment of the Beatles sing-along can be viewed and enjoyed here.

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