City’s 2020 Fuel Modification Program in full swing

The City experienced increased precipitation in February and March, meaning rains caused more wild vegetation, or “fire fuel” to grow in the City.

Because of this, the City has once again brought in larger goat herds as part of its 2020 Fuel Modification Program to graze on active vegetation and reduce fire risk.

City's 2020 1

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650 total goats help protect the City of Laguna Beach through fuel modification

The City placed the first 250-head goat herd on March 10, a second herd of 250 goats were added on March 22, and a third herd of 150 goats was added on April 18.

The goats eat brush that could otherwise fuel wildfires, known as “fuel modification.”

As of today, the City has three goat herds, each with a herder, and 650 total goats.

City's 2020 2

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Agotillo Moreno was hired over 20 years ago to care for the City’s goat herd

All herds will be adjusted in size up to 400 goats as topography, growth, and overall controllability of the goats are allowed. Additional fuel modification work done by hand crews began in April.

-From City of Laguna Beach Community Update, May 11, 2020