Chamber of Commerce to hold breakfast panel

On Tuesday, May 17, the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce is holding a breakfast panel from 7:30-9 a.m. The event taking place in Lang Park’s Port Room is themed, “Wellness in Mind, Body and Spirit.”

The intention of this meeting is to provide knowledge and information on these modalities for wellness in mind, body and spirit.

These are the three featured speakers.

Chamber of Commerce Montero

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Photos courtesy of Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce

Marilyn Montero, C.Ht.

Marilyn Montero, C.Ht. Clinical Hypnotherapist. Montero, an expert Clinical Hypnotherapist will explain how the use of therapeutic hypnosis is the key to access the subconscious mind, and how it benefits everyone in many areas of their lives, such as traumas, anxiety/stress, insomnia, fears, phobias, addictions, relationships, regulating emotions, depression, weight loss, quitting smoking and more.

Chamber of Commerce Wang

Dr. Anita Wang

Dr. Anita Wang. An Integrative approach to find the root cause of your health issues, Dr. Wang blends the best of conventional, naturopathic and holistic medicine. This approach helps patients achieve optimal performance, longevity, and beauty without drugs and surgeries. She specializes in non-invasive treatments for muscle strengthening, pelvic health, skin tightening and health.

Chamber of Commerce Kapoor

Dr. Heena Kapoor

Dr. Heena Kapoor. The owner and practitioner at The OC Ayurveda, Dr. Heena is practicing the ancient techniques and treatments from one of the oldest manuscripts known to mankind. She brings wellness and healing through her consultation and counseling sessions along with providing relief through the means of Panchakarma. Her clients love her energy and feel relieved as she works with them to eliminate the root cause of their issues and provides rejuvenation through natural ways using organic herbs, oils and plant-based treatments.

Cost: Members, $10; Non-Members, $15. To register, go here.

Lang Park is located at 21540 Wesley Drive, Laguna Beach.