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Council to pick which tax measure goes on Nov ballot


The City Council on Tuesday will consider two possible ballot measures to fund undergrounding utilities on key evacuation routes in the November election.

Staff has provided steps for placing measures for a general purpose sales tax increase or a special purpose sales tax increase on the ballot. Special purpose taxes for a specified use require a two-third supermajority vote for approval and the revenue goes into the General Fund, to be used at the council’s discretion. 

A general purpose tax requires a 50 percent plus one vote and revenue is limited to the specified use approved by the voters. 

If the general purpose tax is selected, the council must adopt a resolution expressing support for the Utility Undergrounding, Fire Safety and Other Essential City Services Measure, its intent to prioritize spending options for future ballot measure revenue and its intent to create an oversight committee.

The special purpose measure is titled Laguna Beach Undergrounding and Fire Safety Measure.

Both measures to be considered recommend a one percent increase in sales tax.

Staff has been working with Mayor Kelly Boyd and the council’s Utility Undergrounding Subcommittee of Councilmen Rob Zur Schmiede and Bob Whalen to develop the wording of a measure. 

Regardless of which option is selected, certain actions must be taken by the council:

--Direct the City Attorney to prepare an impartial analysis measure

--Authorize City Manager John Pietig to prepare a fiscal analysis

--Authorize Boyd, Whalen and Zur Schmiede, any other council members so inclined and the chiefs of the Police and Fire Departments to prepare direct and rebuttal arguments in favor of the selected measure 

Staff has also recommended that the council appoint Whalen and Zur Schmiede to prepare a ballot argument in favor of the selected ballot measure and a rebuttal.

All of the documents must be filed with the City Clerk’s Office by 5:30 p.m., August 10.

The first reading of an ordinance for the selected measure is scheduled to be introduced at Tuesday’s meeting. A second reading will be required for adoption.

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