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City takes steps to clean up trashy acts, initiative aimed at visitors

The City is launching an education and outreach effort called Keepin’ it Clean, Laguna: Leave No Trash Behind anti-litter campaign to remind visitors to use trashcans throughout the City.

The “Keepin’ It Clean, Laguna” outreach aims to teach visitors how to dispose of their waste and recyclables responsibly, especially at the receptacles located at the top of the City’s beach access stairways and along Coast Highway.

The program reinforces the City’s initiatives to keep the beaches and public areas clean and free of trash or litter by the following efforts:

--Additional trashcans and signage have been placed at frequently visited beach accesses and sites along Coast Highway

City takes trash

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Submitted photo

Not a pretty sight – matters should improve with new program

--Contract services have been added to empty the trash receptacles in frequently visited areas twice a day during the rest of this summer

--More than 600 trash and recycling containers are now placed throughout the City in public places

This outreach is an attention-grabbing educational effort to encourage visitors to use all the 600 trashcans and recycling containers placed throughout the City for trash disposal.

City takes beach

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Photo by Mary Hurlbut

The City is doing everything in its power to keep Laguna’s beaches pristine…seen here, beautiful Treasure Island Beach

“Throughout the summer, our City’s beautiful beaches are a choice destination for millions of visitors looking to swim and sunbathe,” said Shohreh Dupuis, director of Public Works/assistant city manager. “We want to take this opportunity to encourage all of our visitors to pitch in and ask them to do their part to keep our beaches safe and clean.”

The City’s efforts will range from placing signs near trash receptacles and a social media campaign encouraging visitors to dispose of their trash in receptacles located on beach accesses and public places. The overarching aim is to promote public awareness on community cleanliness, environmental protection and effective use of provided trash disposal.

Here’s to a program that, with luck and enough trash cans, with ensure garbage in, garbage out.

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