Council to reconsider police vehicle graphics


The bright red, white and blue graphic seen on the city’s new black and white police cars isn’t exactly what Police Chief Laura Farinella had in mind. 

Farinella expressed support for a less colorful graphic at the February 19 City Council meeting. However, the department found that muted colors cannot be replicated as expected and were replaced with the primary colors. 

Concerns and support for the American flag colors have been expressed. 

The graphic color scheme will be reconsidered at Tuesday’s council meeting. The council will also consider updating the service statement on the vehicles. 

Currently the statement reads “Proudly serving our Community.” Police Department employees split their vote between this and “Community, Commitment, Courage.”

Sixty-five percent of the 165 members of the public surveyed on Nextdoor preferred “Serving with Pride and Integrity.”

“Guardians of the Community” was also suggested, but received less support than the other two. 

Staff is recommending the public preference: “Serving with Pride and Integrity.”