Stephen Bryer’s Heart of the Healing Rose exhibit opens at T. Leo Art Gallery on Thursday

Heart of the Healing Rose, an exhibit by artist Stephen Bryer, opens in a solo showing at T. Leo Art Gallery on Thursday, June 6. Bryer says, “As a transcendentalist artist, I am inspired by the forms, colors and details I discover in nature…especially those found within the innermost reaches of the timeless rose. My artistic impetus is to create meaningful art that is beautiful, sensual and compelling. The depth experienced in life and relationships occurs similarly in flora, and I want my art to express this distinct quality. There is something uniquely powerful about the messages within a rose and with my art I seek to capture this higher frequency.”

Stephen Bryer's flesh rose

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Stephen Bryer’s art offers compelling beauty to touch your heart and mind

“My artistic interpretations are intimate photographic compositions, drawings and paintings rendered in a manner that expresses a profound connection to the divine feminine. This is the essential character of my art; the purpose for revealing it to people is that I believe it has the power to ignite a response within their hearts and minds that inspires them to live and love more completely.”

Stephen Bryer's blue rose

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The solo exhibit runs from June 6 - June 30

The three-week exhibit of Bryer’s rose art paintings, photographs, and textiles is meant to be more than just a showing of beautiful interpretive roses. Bryer says, “It is also an opportunity to begin sharing my vision of impacting the world with the compelling, beautiful nature of the rose, a divine creation that not only inspires, elevates and energizes people, but also intrinsically caresses them with a gentle healing quality. 

“Ultimately this profound effect positively changes people at their core, leading them to an awareness of the divine origin of the rose and their creator who left such a heartfelt fingerprint for humanity to encounter. My hope is by experiencing this art firsthand at the gallery, visitors will feel this power and return to their lives the better for it.” 

T. Leo Art Gallery is located at 550 S Coast Hwy. For more information, call (949) 309-7250.

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