Blake reprimanded for online comments but not apologetic


Councilwoman Toni Iseman made a difficult decision at Tuesday’s City Council meeting to read into public record online comments written about her. 

Iseman made the contents of the comments available to the media. She did not mention the name of the writer, but many in the audience at the meeting presumed it was written by Councilman Peter Blake, which was confirmed by Mayor Bob Whalen.

“This was a flat out personal attack,” said Whalen.

He asked Blake to try to eschew personal attacks and stick to policy issues.

Asked if the email was accurately reported, Blake said, “It was exactly what I said. It was in response to a column written by Ann Christoph abusing me and I included Toni.”

As read by Iseman and published: 

“A special thanks for reiterating Toni’s tired mantra ‘the same but better.’ Maybe Toni should be more concerned with coming to the Council meetings about that night’s agenda and prepared to actually conduct business. 

“Night after night I observe her scribbling on her agenda packets, bobbing her head while in a bug-eyed trance. She does manage to chime in with some pre-planned and orchestrated attacks on those who aren’t toeing Village Laguna’s line. 

“It’s obvious Toni’s suffering from some form of mental cognitive impairment. She’s not fit to govern anymore.”

Whalen said no further action directed at Blake is contemplated at this time. 

“Under our [Civility] policy, the Mayor can give a reprimand which I did last night,” said Whalen in an email to Stu News on Wednesday.

“The policy also allows for the Council to agendize an item for a vote of censure. For now, I am leaving it as a verbal reprimand and request to cease personal attacks.”