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Animals come to life at Jane McCracken’s Drawing for Endangered Species Workshop

Artist and designer Jane Lee McCracken, founder of Drawing for Endangered Species Workshops, hosted a workshop “Where Did All the Animals go?” on Thursday, Feb 6 at the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach. 

Children ages 5 to 18 years of age participated and celebrated the beauty of endangered Californian wildlife with the UK-based artist and designer and created their own wildlife portrait using ballpoint pens.

Jane said, “It was an absolute joy and privilege to work with the children and staff of B&G Club!”

Animals come pink shirt

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Jane with staff member Mar and workshop participant Rosie

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Jane founded Drawing for Endangered Species Workshops in 2014 in partnership with international wildlife charity Born Free. Meru National Park in Kenya was the home of Elsa, the lioness made famous by the book and film Born Free, which gives children and wildlife a voice. Elsa is the inspiration for the charity. The organization works in Meru to safeguard the lions that call this national park home. They are Elsa’s legacy.

In 2019, Jane founded Where Did All the Animals Go? (WDATAG) art and environmental education. Sharing her passions for drawing and wildlife, she has conducted drawing workshops for hundreds of children and adults. 

Animals come Rocko

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5-year-old Rocko with his drawing of sea otter and pups

“My art practice includes my own artwork which explores loss generated by human destruction, designing products, Drawing for Endangered Species ballpoint pen workshops, and the Where Did all the Animals Go? (WDATAG) art and environmental education project,” says Jane.

“The workshops and WDATAG project give children and the wider community the opportunity to learn about vulnerable species, how to help them, and create emotional connections with animals by drawing them. Creating emotional connections is a key element to conservation. If we care, we want to conserve.”

Jane hopes to be back in November to work with Laguna Art Museum and Ocean Institute as well as other workshops in Laguna and Orange County. 

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