Laguna Beach Community Clinic begins targeted COVID-19 testing

Laguna Beach Community Clinic began targeted COVID-19 testing last week.

“We’ve been attempting for over a month to secure COVID-19 testing kits. Fortunately, through our partnership with Mission Hospital, we have received a limited supply of testing kits,” stated Dr. Jorge Rubal, CEO and Medical Director, Laguna Beach Community Clinic.

The Clinic’s staff underwent rigorous training on how to administer the test and use the necessary personal protection equipment. Thanks to a donation of face shields from Cerno, the Clinic’s medical staff now has that vital layer of protection. 

Laguna Beach staff

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(L-R) Dr. Jorge Rubal, Adriana Nieto-Sayegh, RN, and Dr. Chau Ngo

Due to the lack of available COVID-19 testing kits, the California Department of Public Health is recommending health providers prioritize the testing of high-risk patients. “The Clinic serves over 3,000 patents in our community; the number of kits we have covers a small fraction of our patients, so we must reserve the testing process for our established patients who are showing clinically elevated symptoms and who also have serious underlying health problems,” explained Rubal.

The Clinic is no stranger to serving the community through a health crisis. In the 1980s the Clinic was at the forefront of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, providing life-saving care. 

“Today, we’re dealing with the most serious health crisis of our lifetime, and just like we did during the HIV/AIDS crisis, we’re showing up to work on the frontline, ready to serve the most vulnerable in our community,” stated Dr. Chau Ngo, who is board-certified in HIV treatment.

“The Clinic’s been around for 50 years; we know how to weather the storm, how to provide continuity of care despite a very fluid situation. I’m incredibly proud of my staff, every one of them is leaning into this crisis with a calm and dedicated spirit,” added Rubal.

For more information on the Laguna Beach Community Clinic, visit or call (949) 494-0761.

The Laguna Beach Community Clinic is located at 362 Third St.