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Ten Boys Who Care Next Generation; new group of seventh graders carry on tradition in 2019

The Ten Boys Who Care began as a group of Thurston Middle Schoolers in 2013.  Next year, as this class of 2019 graduates, a new group of seventh graders have happily agreed to carry on the tradition. The group gathered in Sam Reynolds’ backyard in the same spot the Ten Boys kicked off their first meeting five years ago to hear what it was all about.  

The originals were there to share the idea of Ten Boys Who Care with these young boys. Eleventh grader, Mason Lebby, explains how he pitched it, “I told them this is a great opportunity for them to help their community. They have a chance to be part of a small group that has done some big things.”

Sam Reynolds, another founder added a little honest levity, “I told them it’s not hard except the part where you have to speak in front of all of the seniors at convocation when you are still in middle school. That part is scary.” 

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Ten Boys Who Care Next Generation at their introductory meeting

Front Row (L to R): Noah Liao, Will Goodwin, Joseph Rosenberg, Shea Blanchard, Luke Meisberger, Taylor Towe, Jake Lund, Ben Neufeld

TBWC 2.0 Not Pictured: Griffen Naess, Oliver Rounaghi

Back Row (L to R) Founders: Sam Reynolds, Mason Lebby, Blake Pivaroff

Ten Boys Who Care Founders Not Pictured:  Kent Cebreros, Enzo Sadler, Gus Morck, Zack Bonnin, Sam Kluver, Noah Linder, Ayrton Garcia

 The boys listened to the presentation by the 11th graders, played a little backyard spike ball, ate some pizza, and went home to make their decisions. The Ten Boys Who Care founders are proud to announce the incoming seventh graders at Ten Boys Who Care Next Generation have accepted their cause. 

The next generation of Ten Boys are: Noah Liao, Will Goodwin, Joseph Rosenberg, Shea Blanchard, Luke Meisberger, Taylor Towe, Jake Lund, Ben Neufeld, Griffin Naess, and Oliver Rounaghi.

The original ten boys are thrilled that the tradition, which offers LBHS graduates scholarships in the coming years, will carry on, and further, that Ten Boys Who Care will live on. 

Laguna Beach High School Principal, Jason Allemann said, “It is great to see a group of young adults invest in serving others as well as role modeling that character trait and passing it on to future high school students.”

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