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The Summer of Color is about to begin in the Laguna Arts District, featuring world-renowned muralists

Laguna Creative Ventures is proud to present the artistic beginnings of the Summer of Color, a celebration of art, music, food and vibrant culture in the Laguna Arts District. 

Privately funded by the Honarkars, with partnerships with [seven-degrees] and Montana Colors, the organizers of this unique and exquisite mural project have been working diligently to bring world-renowned muralists to the artistic epicenter of Orange County – Laguna Beach. 

The goal is to invigorate the creative spirit and provide additional brilliant temporary pieces of art for visitors and residents to see and appreciate during the summer months.

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Photo by WhosTaylor

Chad Hasegawa at work

Curated by Torrey Cook, founder and owner of contemporary art gallery Artists Republic, and Ben Rubin, owner of fine art print studio Elephants and Castles, the Summer of Color kicks off with three bright, large-scale murals by artists Brett Crawford, Beau Stanton and Chad Hasegawa. 

Additionally, future murals involved in the Summer of Color will include internationally celebrated Spanish artist Okuda, female powerhouses Faith47 and Casey O’Connell, and LCAD alumni James Thistlethwaite. 

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Photo by WhosTaylor

Chad Hasegawa’s vision takes shape

Located on the Honarkar property in the Laguna Arts District, between 891 and 777 Laguna Canyon Road, these bright and beautiful murals will be temporary yet memorable additions to the Laguna Arts District, intended to enhance the rich and colorful image of Laguna Beach as a destination for art and vitality. 

With the Honarkars’ recent acquisition of the properties in the Laguna Arts District, and the founding of Laguna Creative Ventures, the vision of the district will finally come to fruition and these murals are the introduction. 

Torrey Cook believes that these murals will invigorate the area and help engage people to come to the city to explore its public art more with these well known and respected artists. 

Temporary murals “a beacon for travelers” & source of pride to city

“By working with both local and international artists and reinforcing the philosophy that art should resonate with people of all ages, of all walks of life, these murals will provide a rich, inclusive environment for the city’s residents to be proud of, and becoming a beacon for travelers looking to be a part of something magical,” she said.

Ben Rubin seconds that notion and believes that this will help place Laguna Beach on the radar of the international contemporary art scene. 

“The benefits to Laguna Beach as a community with the potential of a large influx of new visitors can only [enhance] its standing as one of the international destination art cities in the US,” he said. 

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Photo by Ewkuks

Brett Crawford’s mural here incorporates an understanding of architectural lines

On the west side of the parking area to the right of 837 Laguna Canyon Road, San Clemente-based artist Brett Crawford has created a stunning mural incorporating a human face with floral embellishments in reds, pinks and purples. 

This composition touches on the relationship between humanity and nature in a subtle, elegant and ethereal style. Crawford incorporated the architecture and windows on the side of the building into his canvas to utilize the most space and style. The recognizable blue mosaic tile facade of the building will remain intact and protected underneath temporary plywood walls, offering a smoother surface for the artist as well as an easy, temporary protection for the building’s normal façade. 

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Photo by Ewkuks

Brett Crawford’s art touches on the relationship between humanity and nature

Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) graduate Beau Stanton has garnered much attention and respect since leaving LCAD back in 2008. Stanton mixes historical, iconographic, nautical and architectural references into his surreal and hypnotic compositions. Brightly colored and exquisitely rendered, Stanton’s mural for Laguna will be located on the two large walls on either side of the property at 859 Laguna Canyon Road which houses the new Laguna Beach Beer Company. 

Focusing on the nautical nature of Laguna Beach and the rich artistic history present in Laguna, Stanton’s mural will incorporate the ancient Greek style of sculpture, brightly colored ornamentation and nautical iconography. Like Crawford’s, Stanton’s mural will be done on a removable plywood surface to help maintain the brilliant blue tile mosaic façade underneath. 

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Photo by Ewkuks

Example of Beau Stanton’s past work: he began his mural on Wednesday

San Francisco-based artist Chad Hasegawa is an internationally renowned street artist known for his bold and colorful flat latex brush strokes that fuse together purpose, style and design. Painted in his iconic graphic style, the abstract composition is attractive and relatable to a variety of viewers and will draw people into the area with its unique design. 

The urban influence in his work blends high- and low-brow as he touches on art history, his love for the Mission School, and his background in advertising and graphic design. His self-taught use of color aggressively shapes an object so that it is clearly visible when viewed from afar. 

Up close, the work can be viewed as an elaborate color design – an almost mosaic pointillism of brick-like shapes. Like the other murals in the Summer of Color, the temporary mural will be created on removable plywood wall to protect the underlying tile mosaic façade of the building. 

Hasegawa is expected to complete his mural on site in Laguna Beach this week, and Stanton began his mural on Wednesday, April 18. 

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