Are you being conned? It’s often hard to tell, but the LBPD and Susi Q can help you spot a scam

On Thursday, June 23 at the Susi Q, LBPD’s Community Services Officer Nicole Rice and Detective Mike Lee will offer a primer on the most common cyber and phone scams doing the rounds in Laguna Beach – and offer advice on ways to avoid being conned. 

This is a reschedule of the class that was originally planned for June 9.

The session will be in-person from 11 a.m.-12 p.m., providing the opportunity to get your questions answered directly and share your experiences – and hopefully your near-misses! What you learn in that hour could save you or a loved one a great deal of money and stress.

Two of the most common scams the department has seen recently are phishing scams through emails and phone scams,” said Rice. “Phishing scams are a very common cybercrime where the scammer is trying have the user click on a link in order to obtain personal information. Phone scams focus on services provided by the scammer and will typically ask the victim to pay them in gift cards.”

Are you being Nicole Rice

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Courtesy of LBPD

LBPD Community Services Officer Nicole Rice

It’s not only seniors who are duped. People of every age have been victimized by scammers, who are skilled in imitating legitimate organizations such as the IRS, Medicare and DMV, as well as companies offering warranties, services and products. 

But older adults are often perceived as wealthier and perhaps, feeling embarrassed, less likely to report a potential crime. Don’t be deceived: they want your money and your personal information. Make them pay.

“If you believe someone has scammed you, file a police report for the money loss and call non-emergency at 949.497.0701 to report a crime that has occurred,” Rice said.

“A red flag can be spotted in many different ways. In one example, an individual may falsely identify themselves and will offer services in return of compensation. Be sure to ask for credibility on their business and past references they may have worked with,” Rice added. “If anyone is concerned they are being victimized of fraudulent activity, it is best to double check with a known trustworthy person before clicking on any links or paying an unknown individual.”

Rather than click on a link in an email, go directly to the named organization’s website to see if the “offer” is for real.

“A common red flag is the suspects asking people to pay for any service with gift cards or money orders and having to stay on the phone while the purchases are being made,” Rice added. “If you have any doubt that a digital communication is not legitimate, pick up the phone and call the originator to make sure it is authentic.”

Learn about these scams and others – and the steps you can take to keep yourself and your families safe.

The Susi Q is located at 380 Third St., Laguna Beach. Underground parking is available. To register, visit and click on Class Catalog. Or, to register by phone, call 949.715.8105. Proof of vaccination will be required. Masks are optional.

The Susi Q offers a wide range of educational and fun programs, classes and clubs for older adults – though all ages are welcome. The Susi Q’s Care Management Department provides free consultation, education and practical resources for vulnerable seniors, enabling them to stay safe, informed and independent.