Trees and ladders are more dangerous than rattlesnakes – so “they” say


According to the Natural History Museum in LA website, each year 8,000 people are bitten by venomous snakes in the US, and of these incidents, on average, five to six bites result in fatalities. 

This means you are six times more likely to die from a lightning strike or a dog attack, eight times more likely to die from a TV set or other large furniture falling on you, 14 times more likely to die falling out of a tree, and 95 times more likely to die falling off a ladder. 

I guess my advice would be to steer clear of dogs, large televisions, ladders, trees and snakes.

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Photo by Marrie Stone

Snakes versus ladders? Really? Ladders are more dangerous? Yeah, well, just tell that to Marrie Stone, who snapped this picture on Saturday of a rattlesnake sunny side up on the Dartmoor Trail in Laguna Wilderness Park