Trio of ebony kittens looking for love in all the right places – adopt one (or two or three) for luck 


G man, Harvey, and Princess Irma hit the mother lode when infamous “kitty rescuer” Thais Askenasy took them from the Downey Animal Shelter where they were a mere two hours away from being euthanized. The shelter couldn’t find fosters to bottle feed the babies, every two to three hours around the clock, which granted, is a huge commitment. 

But now that the hand-raised kittens are ready to be adopted, the challenge is finding permanent homes for them. These black beauties (two boys and a girl, as evidenced by their names) are described by Thais as “absolute loves” and “extremely affectionate.”

They’re waiting for your call…

For murky reasons, black cats are less likely to be adopted. Do people think them unlucky or frightening? But the opposite is true. There are many “pawsitively” fascinating reasons why one should adopt a black cat. 

According to, our perception of black cats depends not only on how we think, but also where we live. Superstitions in different cultures and countries vary as to whether black cats are considered good luck or bad. But the old idea of black cats being ‘witches’ cats’ may still influence some people. 

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Photo by Thais Askenasy

A tangle of kittens, G man, Harvey, and Princess Irma

However, in Britain, Scotland and Japan, a black cat crossing your path, or even if you dream of a black cat, is said to bring you good luck. A black cat’s presence has been credited with bringing about show-stopping performances in theatres. And, in Scotland, finding black kittens sitting in your porch is a sign of riches, and happiness to come.

Aside from bringing luck, black cats can be very good companions as well. They tend to be talkative, which could be a welcome characteristic to those living alone, but (as claimed by some black cat owners), they can also be good listeners (another welcome characteristic). Who doesn’t like a good listener? Especially one who doesn’t interrupt.

And black cats may be healthier than the lighter hued varieties. Researchers at the National Institutes of Health discovered that the genetic mutations that cause cats to have black coats may offer them some protection from diseases. 

Scientists, however, think such camouflage may have benefitted their survival. Eleven of the 17 species of cat that exist have evolved to have black coats, proving that sable fur is most definitely advantageous for a feline. 

Photo by Thais Askenasy

A sleeping beauty

Researchers also say that, “The mutated gene that gives them black fur is more resistant to diseases than others. The research hasn’t been done yet, but it is suspected that black cats cannot get FIV, an AIDS-like syndrome for cats.” 

Choose a black cat and you won’t only be sharing your home with a gothic glamour puss, but an amazing mutant creature too. And some have intriguing “fangs,” or upper canine teeth that protrude saber-tooth tiger style and lend some cats an intimidating (or Dracula-like) smile. And although I’ve only seen them on black cats, cat experts claim that it’s not a trait specific to the dark color. 

Thais presents her trio as, “Exquisite hand raised Sable Kittens. Ready for their forever home with you. They are as friendly, playful and loving as any kittens ever. I guarantee it. They have had all their shots, been microchipped and fixed. Please consider bringing two home with you, unless you already have a house kitty. You won’t be sorry. Am asking a small adoption fee to cover their/my costs. Please call Thais @ 949-494-0312.”

I’ve known only two black cats in my life, Shadow and Boris, (both Brasfields), and found them to be beautiful, mysterious, one very talkative (Shadow), one very fangy (Boris), and the pair of them, undeniably perplexing and magical creatures.

So, if you’re looking for a mysterious, beautiful, talkative, disease resistant cat, and if you also want riches and happiness (even though this is Laguna, not Scotland), consider adopting one of these gorgeous kittens (G Man, Harvey or Princess Irma). 

It will be lucky for you and for them!