Local newspapers are now digitized from 1920 – 1989 and available online at LB Library: researchers rejoice

Laguna Beach Library’s collection of local newspapers has been digitized and is available online from any OC Public Libraries branch.  While the collection is not available from home over the Internet, library users can access the collection from a library computer or from a personal laptop or other eDevice on site at any branch of OC Public Libraries.

The collection currently contains a large selection of Laguna Beach newspapers spanning late 1919 through 1989:  Laguna Beach Life, South Coast News, Laguna Beach Post, and Laguna News Post as well as shorter runs of Beach Cities News, Dana Point News, Capistrano Valley News and Laguna Leisure World.

The collection is available from under the website’s eLibrary section. Back issues can be keyword searched, browsed, printed, and downloaded.

The collection was previously available on microfilm at Laguna Beach Library where it received heavy use from local and national researchers.  The collection was digitized in hopes of reducing wear and tear on the original microfilm reels and in the interests of making the information more easily available to more people.