Celebration of future Skipper Carrillo sculpture will now take place on Thursday Oct 12 (not 13)

Forest and Ocean Gallery artist Randy Morgan, along with Skipper fans, are proposing the creation of a bronze life-size sculpture monument of Skipper Carrillo, along with a plaque, telling the Skipper story and honoring his unique place in Laguna Beach High School history.

The “Have a home run day” monument will honor this inspirational character and consolidate his place in the community and Laguna lore. 

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Photo by Mary Hurlbut

Skipper Carrillo in his “dugout”

Funding for the monument will come from private donations.

Sculptor Randy Morgan says, «I’m honored to be the artist to create the life-sized bronze monument sculpture of our beloved Skipper entitled Have a Home Run Day to honor his life and legend and his place in Laguna lore as one of Laguna Beach’s most beloved characters. 

“The sculpture will be created in bronze classic old world style, chosen patina, and will capture the smiling Skipper, waving his arms and yelling his mantra...”Have a home run day” (how many times have we seen him do it!). A donor plaque, and a plaque telling Skipper’s life story, will also be placed at the site, fulfilling a promise made to Skipper and his family to create the monument.”

Forest & Ocean Gallery will host a fundraising party on Thursday, Oct 12 from 6 - 9 p.m. Skipper and his sister Alicia will be present. The intended location of the monument will be announced at the event.

There will be “thank you” gifts for all donations.

Contact Forest & Ocean Gallery for more details. The Gallery is located at

480 Ocean Ave. (949) 371-3313