Letter to the Editor: Hotel Laguna

By Joe Hanauer, Greg MacGillivray, and James “Walkie” Ray

After working for more than two years with the owners of the Hotel Laguna property to reach agreement on revitalizing this iconic location, we’ve been advised that the property owners have decided to go in another direction and enter into a transaction with another party.

Our quest has been to not just reopen the hotel but to do everything needed to enable the hotel to regain its position as a critical and vibrant part of our downtown…the crown jewel of Laguna. We’ve invested countless time and money in planning, creating, and envisioning how to bring this key location back to life. We envisioned recapturing its historical appearance by bringing back some of the features lost over the years and addressing the deferred maintenance that is so apparent. 

The support and encouragement we’ve received from so many people in town has been wonderful. People we know and people we’ve never previously met that pass along their encouragement. People who honeymooned at the hotel or simply want it alive and vibrant. It’s been very much appreciated and throughout our effort, we’ve felt the sense of commitment that comes from both being local and understanding the points of view of our friends and neighbors. To those who have expressed their confidence, our sincere thank you.

We extend our best wishes to the principals who will be moving this project forward with the hope and expectation that they’ll bring this cornerstone property back to the resilience our town needs.