Laguna Beach artist Dave Hobrecht completes Jackie Robinson painting, “Game Changer”

Laguna Beach sports artist Dave Hobrecht has teamed up with former Los Angeles Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti to start a new company called The All-Time. Colletti is selecting a roster of the all-time greatest Dodger players, coaches, and broadcasters, while Hobrecht is creating completely original black-and-white paintings for each selection. 

The All-Time Dodgers pitching staff, catcher, and first baseman paintings have already been released, and now it is time to reveal Hobrecht’s newest painting “Game Changer,” showcasing the best second baseman in Dodgers history: Jackie Robinson. 

Laguna Beach Dodgers

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Dave Hobrecht’s Jackie Robinson painting, “Game Changer”

Hobrecht knew that Jackie Robinson’s legacy extended far beyond the baseball diamond. He wanted to create something that not only paid tribute to Jackie himself, but also to all of the lives that he affected. 

Players like Sandy Koufax, Roy Campanella, Chan Ho Park, and Fernando Valenzuela (among countless others) were able to become a part of Major League Baseball and have successful careers thanks to the brave actions of Jackie Robinson. Branch Rickey and Vin Scully look on as Dodger players of all races, religions, and ethnicities line up to shake Jackie’s hand and pay “Game Changer.”

The All-Time is a company out of Laguna Beach that will release an in-depth art book in September 2019 containing the all-time greatest Dodger legends at each position selected by Ned Colletti and painted by Dave Hobrecht. 

It is a one-of-a-kind product that will place unparalleled insight from a successful MLB executive next to exquisite, original artwork from one of the best sports artists in the game. Each month leading up to the book release, The All-Time will reveal a new addition to their roster alongside a brand new painting. 

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