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Where’s Maggi – the answers!

 The people are onto Maggi’s whereabouts. She thought it would be hard to locate, but our sharp Stu News readers have spotted this unique weathervane. Or maybe the architecture was a giveaway. Either way, these folks got it right: Kathy Bienvenu, Pat Carpenter, Meg Monahan, Kara Kruse, and Howard Conn. 

Thanks for keeping Maggi on her toes, and for sending in your answers! 

Wheres Maggi 4 9 19

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Mermaid weathervane and historic architecture – found on Glenneyre at Flora

Meet Pets of the Week Bobby and Sherman

Bobby and Sherman are currently taking the title of Pets of the Week. These two are seven-year-old brothers who are neutered doxie mixes. They are very sweet and well behaved. In addition, they are also housebroken. Bobby and Sherman have been at the shelter for a while, and are eagerly hoping to go home with a new family. They are full of love and will warm up to you right away. Nancy Goodwin, shelter director, hopes to see both Bobby and Sherman adopted as soon as possible. 

Pets of the Week 4 9 19

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Submitted photo

Brothers Bobby and Sherman are looking for a new home together 

The Laguna Beach Animal Shelter adoption procedures are designed to make sure that both the potential family and the animal adopted are in the very best situation possible. Due to their approach to adoption, the shelter’s return rate is five percent as compared to the national return rate of 50 percent.

The LB Animal Shelter is located at 20612 Laguna Canyon Rd. For information on adoption procedures, call (949) 497-3552 or go to

Pretty in Pink

Photos by Scott Brashier

Pretty in yellow centers

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Pink is the color of happiness and is sometimes seen as lighthearted

Pretty in daisy

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Toning down the passion of red with the purity of white results in the softer pinks that are associated with romance and the blush of young lovers’ cheeks. It’s not surprising that when giving or receiving flowers, pink blossoms are a favorite.

Pretty in delicate

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Brighter pinks are youthful, fun, and exciting, while vibrant pinks have the same high energy as red; they are sensual and passionate without being too aggressive

Sunrise Silhouette

Sunrise Silhouette tree

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Photo by Scott Brashier 

Black tree standing, forlorn and eerie against the cinnamon sky

Rainbow Reflections…

A column about LGBTQ life in Laguna

By Craig Cooley

Rainbow reflections Craig

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Photo by Mary Hurlbut

Craig Cooley

A new Board of Directors

Laguna Beach’s own Laguna Beach Pride 365 organization has become a nonprofit California corporation and will soon be recognized on the federal level with its 501(c)(3) application in process. With that the organization will have a new Board of Directors. 

Rainbow Reflections pride

 Craig Cooley, yes moi, will serve as President, Jonathan Colliflower as Vice President, Michelle Volz as Treasurer, and Harry Huggins as Secretary. There remain two BOD vacancies to be filled. If you might be interested, let us know and attend one of our meetings to find out what it is all about and how rewarding volunteering can be! 

Rainbow Reflections Board

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Submitted photo

New Board of Directors: (L-R) President Craig Cooley, Vice President Jonathan Colliflower, Treasurer Michelle Volz, and Secretary Harry Huggins

Laguna Beach Pride 365 is all about the community and giving back to it in many ways. From the group’s relationship with other nonprofit organizations to the education and awareness of the diverse culture that is a big part of Laguna Beach; from addressing the challenges of LGBTQ youth at risk, and yes, indeed, an annual festival to celebrate the positive aspects of “Pride.” 

The most recent contribution was the entire BOD’s volunteering to assist a very successful community organization, G4G, that is “Gay for Good’s,” 10th year anniversary celebration this last Sunday in Los Angeles at the LA River Center and Gardens.

Rainbow Reflection G4G

This Friday, April 12 at 6 p.m., at Nirvana Grille, Laguna Beach Pride will host its own Silent Auction fundraiser. Local community businesss have generously donated more than $5,000 in auction items, from hotel stays to yoga training sessions. 

Restaurants top the list: Watermarc, Skyloft, Mozambique, and Dizz’s, to name a few. It is a great opportunity to bid on an item and win it, often at half or less of the retail cost! And to also support the diverse community we all enjoy. The silent auction benefits the annual Pride Festival that is just a few short weeks away. If you can’t make it to the Silent Auction at Nirvana and you would like to support the organization, just link to Laguna Beach Pride 365 at

More about the Pride Festival weekend: Planned is a full host of events for three days, May 31 - June 2. This year it is more about activities like hiking in the canyon.

Rainbow Reflections bench

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Submitted photo

Hiking activities planned for Pride Festival Weekend

And events such as social mixing with a Saturday afternoon Drag Bingo hosted by none other than our iconic local entertainer “Endora.”

Rainbow Reflections Endora

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Submitted photo

Drag Bingo with Endora

The venue, Seven 7 Seven (formerly Tivoli Too), is located in the Canyon at, appropriately, 777 Laguna Canyon Rd. There will be more than 20 informative organizations represented at the event. From the local Gay Realtors Association to the local Laguna Beach Police Department, from yoga demonstrations to health and wellness booths, from social groups to community assistance programs…just about everything will be represented! There is some great entertainment scheduled too – from new artists to popular dance DJs. To see a full celebrity schedule and list of events and activities, go to 

Rainbow Reflections van

Here, a first…in Laguna Beach!

The big news in the LGBTQ community is that there is a gay Presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg. I know, hard to pronounce (try Pete BOOT EDGE EDGE). But for all of us here in Laguna Beach, that is nothing new, as our very own Fred Karger officially ran for President in 2012. Yes! We have many firsts here in Laguna Beach. So, I have started a one-man campaign, by myself, and that is to get Pete to visit us here in Laguna Beach. 

And if he can’t do that, then maybe he can call in on my weekly Rainbow Radio program for 20 minutes or so. I would love to have Fred Karger in the studio with Pete on the phone.

Rainbow Reflections Fred

Submitted photo

Fred Karger

We could ask all the “Barbara Walters” kind of questions – the ones everyone needs to know – well, professional presidential questions that is.

He is a serious contender and has placed third behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in fundraising and is positioned to be included the preliminary presidential debates. He was indeed on Meet the Press this last week. Check it out, he makes excellent sense. 

So, I have sent a message to Pete’s offices and asked if he could spare 20 minutes for the radio program, or even the Laguna Beach Pride event the first of June. If you are so inclined, help me out, maybe a GoFundMe for travel expenses to entice Pete to our fair beach city! Now that would be very cool.

Rainbow Reflections Pete

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Submitted photo

Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg

To contact Pete Buttigieg, connect with his team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Mailing address: Pete for America, P.O. Box 1226, South Bend, IN 46624

So, there you have it for this week – lots of going on here in our beautiful beach city – lots to be prideful of. 

Until next week…Craig Cooley here doing my best to keep up with all the LGBTQ fun in Laguna Beach. 

If you would like to submit suggestions, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as we love to keep everything interesting and relevant, and well, fun and entertaining!

With love to all, from Craig at Rainbow Reflections…

Seaside studio

Seaside studio painter

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Photo by Scott Brashier

Plein Air Painter at Main Beach on April 3

Unexpected elegance

Photos by Maggie Siegel

Unexpected elegance close up

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Retaining wall on Coast Highway just before The Ranch

Unexpected elegance sign

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Slow down and enjoy the view, but don’t stop to smell the flowers

Back on the waves again: Richard Gardner’s story

By Mary Gail Hentzen

Richard Gardner was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 18 years ago at the age of 41. He also has lived with diabetes since he was 14. His right leg has no movement now, so he uses a walker or most of the time, a wheelchair. Gardner has always been an active person that loved to surf, ski, and swim. Luckily, he has upper body strength and can still swim. It is where he feels free and normal. His legs are not a hindrance when he is swimming in the pool or a lake.

back on the waves Richard Gardner in water

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Courtesy of Facebook

Richard Gardner finds peace in and on the water

His life’s mission is to raise awareness about MS and its challenges; he started the “When I Swim Foundation.” His goal is to swim the Lakes of the Sierra Nevada. He has swum the lengths of Shaver Lake, Huntington Lake, and this summer, he will be swimming Bass Lake. The money he raises is given to USC Care Center and Research. His swims are challenging and require a team of friends and family that kayak alongside him in case of trouble. The swims can be as long as two hours in frigid water.

Still, he misses surfing and the feeling of being on a wave. He posted a picture of himself in his wheelchair gazing at the ocean. His post was, “I think I need to buy a belly board.”

back on the waves Huntington Lake

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Courtesy of Facebook

Gardner preparing to swim Huntington Lake

Fortunately for Gardner, a fraternity brother from USC, Kevin Griffith, saw the post. He immediately sprang into action and reached out to his Sigma Chi brothers and proposed they pitch in to buy Gardner a board. Within two days, he had 20 plus fraternity brothers willing to help. Not knowing anything about adaptive boards, Griffith called his friend, legendary pro surfer and Laguna Beach resident Ian Cairns. Cairns immediately hooked him up with his shaper, Dave Daum. It turns out Daum, and his wife Rhonda, own King’s Paddle Sports in Carlsbad. A plan was formulated. Rhonda called Gardner and told him an anonymous person was buying a custom board for him, and asked him if he could come down to the shop so they could discuss his needs and abilities. Gardner contemplated the mysterious donor for months. Who could it be?

At last the board was ready, and Dave and Rhonda called Gardner and said to come to Newport’s Mutt Lynch’s on April 6 to receive the board and meet the donor. He arrived a bit nervous for the “Big Reveal.”

back on the waves two surfboards

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Submitted photo

Custom belly and display boards were Gardner’s big surprises

Much to his surprise and amazement, his fraternity brothers were all gathered and cheered him on as he entered the restaurant. Many of these friends had not seen each other in 30 years. Not only was there the custom belly board with the Sigma Chi crest on the front, but also a custom display board that is a vintage shape from 1977 that Dave had originally made for Cairns. Artist and former Navy Seal Pete Carolan custom airbrushed the board to resemble Hawaiian koa wood. All donors signed the board.

back on the waves on the shoreline

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Submitted photo

Gardner and this surfing buddies on the shoreline 

After lots of hugs and a few tears, it was time to get in the water. The group made their way out to the beach where Gardner got in the water with Dave, Rhonda, and a few of the friends for his first wave in many years. Others cheered him on from the beach. Dave gently pushed him into a wave. “It was a great feeling to be on a wave again,” Gardner said. “The outpouring of love and support is just amazing.”

back on the waves friends

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Submitted photo

Gardner, surrounded by friends and USC frat brothers, at Mutt Lynch’s

To read more about Richard Gardner and his foundation, visit

Get outside this spring with new classes offered through the City of Laguna Beach

Enjoy yourself while trying out a new outdoor fitness class this month. The City of Laguna Beach Community Services has many spring classes to choose from to stay active and involved in the community.

Pickleball 101 will cover the basics of pickleball rules, terminology, primary skills, coordination, and more all at the beautiful Alta Laguna Park. Taught by experienced instructor Hai Nguyen and staff, this class is designed for beginners in the pickleball game. Classes will be held on Thursdays starting on April 18.

Get outside tennis

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Submitted photo

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air and exercising with a fun group class this spring

Cardio Fitness is designed to improve students’ fitness levels in an energizing cardio workout while benefiting from drill practice. Players will consistently elevate their heart rates in their aerobic training zone. Classes are held on Mondays at Laguna Beach High School from 7:30 - 8:30 p.m.

The Outdoor Yoga and Meditation class will be held on Fridays from 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. at Alta Laguna Park. Students will enjoy forty minutes of contemplative yoga followed by twenty minutes of guided meditation amidst the breathtaking scenery of Laguna’s hillsides. All levels are welcome.

For more information on these classes and to register, click here.

Gilded Sunset 

Gilded Sunset city

Click on photo for a larger image

Photo by Louise Thornton

The first sunset of April turns the city to gold 

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