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Azonic Insurance will hold a forum for 2015 coverage review

If you have not had an opportunity to review your current health insurance plan (under 65) for changes to be effective Jan. 1, 2015, Azonic Insurance Agency will hold a forum/workshop on Saturday, Dec 13, at 10 a.m. Please RSVP to attend.

If you have not been satisfied with your current plan, they will be answering questions and providing a last opportunity to make a change to an alternative plan. 

Coffee and refreshments will be served. 

Azonic Insurance Agency would like to remind you that they are a full service agency.

Please RSVP to 949-642-6668 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A Rockledge – Victoria Timeline

Sand erosion month-by-month

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Mary Hurlbut

Mary will be taking photos over the 12 months from this November to October of 2015 to show the progressions of beach sand erosion. This photo encompasses the area north of Victoria Beach at Rockledge in November 2014. Thank you, Mary.

Warm and cozy by the fire - without the smoke


Getting ready for the cozy season? Nothing says winter comfort like a roaring fire – in the fireplace. Or around a fire pit at the beach on Southern California style winter eves.

Lisa Leighton has been in the business of cozy fires since her dad invented the Log Lighter, that tube thing that sends gas into your fireplace and out little holes under the fire logs. But she’s taken the fires of yesterday into the new millennium with environmental friendliness and high efficiency, along with her company, Earth’s Flame (

Photo by Maggi

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Lisa Leighton

Earth’s Flame has designed a retrofit unit for wood burning fireplaces that lessens carbon monoxide by 60%, efficiently circulates air through so that there is less indoor smoke, and reduces emissions into the atmosphere by 78%.

“I love family and friends at the hearth, telling stories by the fire. It’s very grounding,” Leighton said. “What I’m passionate about this project is that people can still enjoy hearth and home but also take care to do their part in air quality, the environment, and health.”

She worked with the Environmental Protection Agency for two years to get the hybrid grate fireplace unit EPA qualified. It is a natural gas-enhanced combustion system combined with an emission reducing grate, making cleaner burning real wood fires. 

Earth’s Flame Hybrid Grate 

Since its launch, the Earth’s Flame Hybrid Clean Burn has won the Whole Hearth Industry Green Award, and the city of Laguna Beach has approved of the EPA qualified retrofits to be installed during any major remodels to help improve air quality.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) is now researching Southern California beaches to demonstrate portable fire pits. Leighton’s Earth’s Flame company has been awarded their grant funding to retrofit the selected beach fire pits.

A smoky future does not look bright so, alas, the beach bonfires of days past could well be done away with, as has happened at many state campgrounds. Leighton hopes that Earth Flame’s demonstrated success will keep those marshmallows roasting on sticks for many more years to come.

She’s also thinking about beach grilling. “We’ve designed a combo fire pit and barbeque on a buggy with balloon tires for the beach,” she said. It uses propane with steel logs welded in and a grill on the back. It all fits in the trunk of a car.” She hopes to wheel them out for sale this spring.

Spark of Love Toy Drive created by our firefighters

The Laguna Beach Fire Department in conjunction with all other local fire agencies will be taking part in the annual Spark of Love Toy Drive. The Spark of Love campaign began in 1993 as a partnership between ABC7 and Firefighters throughout the five county areas of Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Ventura.

Although there are many worthwhile toy drives taking place this holiday season, the Spark of Love is the only one created and operated by Firefighters! 

Working together as the Orange County Toy Collaborative, these agencies collect and distribute approximately 300,000 toys annually to disadvantaged children who otherwise would not be receiving gifts this holiday season.

This year marks the 21stanniversary of the Firefighters’ Spark of Love campaign, which runs from Nov. 24 through Dec. 24. The City of Laguna Beach Fire Department has been involved since the program’s inception and each station will serve as drop off sites for new, unwrapped toys or sports equipment.

For additional information, please contact your local fire department representatives: Laguna Beach Fire Department Fire Captain Thomas Padden or Firefighter/Paramedic Patrick Cary, (949) 497 0700. 

Fire Station 1 is located at 501 Forest Avenue; Fire Station 2 is located at 285 Agate Street; Fire Station 3 is located at 2900 Alta Laguna Blvd; Fire Station 4 is located at 31646 2nd Avenue. Thank you for your donations!

Special note from Shaena & Stu – this is the Toy Drive we recommend to all!

Art Walk from 6 – 9 p.m. this Thursday

First Thursdays Art Walk member galleries will be open from 6-9 p.m. this Thursday. Everything is free including the trolleys that will take you from north to south…and back!

Art Walk provides a unique opportunity to promote Laguna Beach as a leading, year-round destination and community of fine art galleries. Its mission is to increase the public’s exposure to the arts by creating a friendly and entertaining environment during exhibitions, lectures, demonstrations and artist receptions.

More information can be found at


JoAnne Gallery

“Life Candy” A Group Exhibition

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Marjorie Strider 

“Bond Girl” 2014 

Acrylic on MDF - 66” x 54” x 11” 

From pop art to abstraction to stunning hyperrealism, “Life Candy” features artists who delight the senses with their playful themes, glossy finishes, and bold hues. Artists Marjorie Strider, Pedro Bonnin, Anthony Hunter, America Martin, Shinji Murakami, and James Verbicky tantalize viewers into sumptuous escapism. 

While these artists work in a variety of media and subject matter, all share a contagiously energetic embrace of life. 

326 N. Coast Highway



1492 S. Coast Hwy

Special walk-through with owner Carla Arzente at 6 p.m.


LCAD and Art Walk mentor collaboration in its 13th year

The 13th annual Professional Mentoring Program, a collaboration between Laguna College of Art & Design (LCAD) and First Thursdays Art Walk culminates on Thursday, when a select group of Laguna Beach galleries will feature original works by Fine Arts seniors of LCAD during the Art Walk. 

The program pairs 16 senior students in the Fine Arts Professional Studies class with First Thursday’s professional art galleries and is designed to demonstrate the intricacies involved in the business of operating a gallery and professionally exhibiting artwork. 

Representatives from the galleries guide students through the fundamentals of exhibiting their work in the professional arena and educate them about the business side of operating a gallery. With the exception of juried student exhibitions through LCAD’s satellite galleries, LCAD on Forest and LCAD Space at Forest & Ocean Gallery, many students have never exhibited their work professionally.

LCAD Fine Arts Senior Brianna Lee, a student assigned to Dawson Cole Gallery said that the gallery features works of art that served as inspirations earlier in her career, when she first visited the gallery at age 16. 

Robin G. Fuld, Instructor of Professional Studies and Director of Career Services at LCAD, has coordinated the program for 13 years and is an active member of Laguna Beach First Thursdays Art Walk. 

“There is neither another mentor program nor art walk like this in the nation,” Fuld said. “Laguna Beach is unique among California’s art communities in that its First Thursdays Art Walk brings together world-class galleries with one of the nation’s top art and design schools to enhance student education, giving them a competitive edge in the professional art world.”

Laguna Beach’s vibrant arts community, large concentration of galleries, museum, summer art fairs and prestigious art and design school makes this program unique to the nation. Many alumni who participated have gone on to work for their mentor galleries after graduation as gallery assistants, art installers, gallery managers, art consultants or exhibitors. 

 “An integral part of LCAD’s mission is to provide students with the skills and education necessary to prepare them for today’s complex and changing job market,” said LCAD President Jonathan Burke. “The success of our college and the success of our alumni is a reflection of our Career Services program’s ability to help guide students toward fulfilling careers in their chosen fields. Robin’s professional and personal commitment to the Professional Mentoring Program has greatly contributed to our reputation for preparing the next generation of artists and designers.”

The student artists will be present at their mentor gallery during Art Walk exhibiting their work, which is available for sale. Sale proceeds benefit the student artists and the First Thursdays Art Walk LCAD Scholarship.

Participating galleries include La Bottega Dell’Acquaforte, The Redfern Gallery, Bluebird Gallery, Gallery McCollum, saltfineart, Cove Gallery, AR4T SPACE, Artist Eye Laguna Gallery, Vintage Gallery, Laguna Ink Spot & Gallery, Studio 7 Gallery, Dawson Cole Fine Art, Drizzle Art, Hugo Rivera Gallery, Signature Gallery, and Exclusive Collection.

For information, visit or Download a catalog, stay up-to-date on the latest news and events and support LCAD’s Annual Fund at, Facebook at @LCADBFA, Twitter @LCAD and Instagram @lcadbfa.

Police Files

Xzibit may wish he’d pimped his own ride Saturday

Alvin Nathaniel Joiner, 40, Porter Ranch, was arrested early Sunday morning by Laguna Beach Police for DUI, Captain Jason Kravetz said Monday.

“An officer saw a silver Range Rover traveling northbound on South Coast Highway at a high rate of speed near Brooks Street.  Another officer caught up to the vehicle and made a traffic stop inside the Mobil Gas Station at Coast Highway and Broadway downtown,” Kravetz said.

Joiner is a well-known rapper performing under the name of Xzibit and gained national recognition as the host and star of the 2004-2007 “Pimp My Ride” TV reality show. The show is still running in syndication.

Kravetz said he was booked and held at the city jail and released later in the morning after he was deemed to be sober.


Detectives arrest Long Beach man in connection with a battery two weeks ago that still has a man hospitalized with head injury

Laguna Beach PD detectives arrested Waref Riad Assaf, 37, Long Beach, on a charge of felony battery causing serious injury last Wednesday.

On Nov 15 at 1:03 a.m., cops responded to a report from several callers that a man was injured and in the street in the 200 block of Forest Avenue after another man had punched him in the face.

The witnesses told police that the punch had knocked out the victim who then hit his head on the roadway. Police said the victim was seriously injured.

Captain Jason Kravetz said in a Monday email, “The victim remains hospitalized with major head injuries. His identity isn’t being released but we can say that he is a 36-year-old resident of New Jersey who was in Orange County on business.

“The attack by the suspect appears to have been unprovoked but detectives are still looking into the matter. It isn’t known whether the punch or the fall caused most of his injuries.”  


Rollover crash on the toll road seriously injures woman

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Photo courtesy Johanna Ellis – Facebook

An unidentified woman in her early 50s was seriously hurt when her SUV rolled over several times on the Laguna Canyon Road exit from the southbound 73 Toll Road at about 3 p.m. Monday. 

Details are slim but a witness said the SUV rolled over four times jumping the divider along the exit and ending up in the southbound lanes of the toll road. Other unconfirmed reports said two other vehicles were involved.

No other injuries were reported.

The CHP originally received a call that gave the location as along the 73 at Bison Avenue in the Newport Beach area. Because of that call, an engine company from Newport was the first on the scene at the actual location.

The crash is being investigated by the CHP.

Community Thanksgiving celebrated – buffet style

The Friendship Shelter and Neighborhood Congregational Church pulled off another memorable and annual community Thanksgiving feast at the church on Nov 27 serving some 600-700 meals buffet style. Food and supplies provided by individuals, churches, and community groups were welcomed and just about gone in two hours!



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Scott Brashier



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Conor Farley

Student at LBHS


See a few more of Scott Brashier’s photos in the slideshow below


SEEDS Arts and Education presents Dr. Andrea Deerheart

Join SEEDS Arts and Education, Inc. for the second of a three-part symposium with Dr. Andrea Deerheart of who will transport attendees beyond the prevalent denial of death. 

Rather than arguing a rigid ideology of death, Dr. Deerheart will explore a variety of ancient and contemporary approaches to death and dying. She will pose a pluralistic viewpoint inclusive of the role of the psyche and help to develop a deeper awareness of our instinctual, yet culturally enmeshed fear of fatality. 

Submitted photo

Dr. Andrea Deerheart

This is part two of our three-part “Dying Into Life” series: With this series, participants will be inspired to contemplate the journey to death. Dr. Deerheart, founder of, will help raise the spiritual dimension of death into our consciousness with the sincere hope of inspiring an understanding of our end of life journey.

Part two is set for Feb 16, 2015 and is entitled: Conversations about Death and Dying. Register now at

Dr. Deerheart is the passionate founder of the HeartWay. Using wisdom gathered from decades of guiding the living and dying; physically, spiritually, and psychologically, Andrea has provided loving care and healing for those on the journey of conscious living and dying. Her primary work and teaching focuses on issues related to wellness, nutritional healing, death and dying, as well as grief and loss, and supporting mindful and compassionate care. 

Dr. Deerheart also offers diverse programs emphasizing the relevance that the lessons learned near death have for living a more loving and compassionate life. She has competed her Doctorate degree in mythology with an emphasis in depth psychology, and comparative religions, death, dying, and beyond. Dr. Deerheart is a sought after consultant, writer, and poet.

The series is $30 per session and will be held at Anneliese Willowbrook Campus at 20062 Laguna Canyon Road.

Cheyne Walls will unveil first piece in new Island Collection during Saturday’s Artist Open Studios 

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Submitted photo

Cheyne Walls’ “Pacific Ocean Temple”

Photographer Cheyne Walls will be unveiling the first piece of his new Island Collection during Saturday’s Laguna Beach Open Artist Studios. This new collection will contain over 20 limited edition photographs from the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. 

“Pacific Ocean Temple” will be the first, on display Saturday, Dec 6. The photo was captured on the Island of Kauai along the stunning Na Pali Coastline. 

Walls said, “Well accustomed to this island I wanted to photograph this coastline from a helicopter to really show its true and unique magnificence. In continuous two-way radio contact with the pilot we arrived at the shooting location and hovered just off shore over the Pacific Ocean waiting for that perfect light.  

“I didn’t have to wait long before Mother Nature parted the clouds to the West giving a dramatic sweeping light along the edge of the cliffs. Fighting the gusts from the rotating propellers I steadied myself just in time to capture an emerging rainbow atop the cliffs.  As quickly as it came it was gone, the clouds re-engulfed the coastline and the rain began to fall.”

LB Garden Club will present House & Garden editor, author Charlotte Frieze at its meeting on Dec 12

The Laguna Beach Garden Club will welcome Charlotte Frieze, the former garden editor of House & Garden magazine and author of Private Paradise, to speak at the monthly meeting on Friday, Dec 12.

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Frieze will present “Private Paradise: Contemporary American Gardens.” 

The meeting will take place at 10 a.m. at the Laguna Beach Presbyterian Church, in Tankersley Hall, located at 415 Forest Ave. Admission is free.

Garden Club Meeting Information:

For club members and guests the meeting begins at 9:30 with a social half-hour, followed by a half hour business meeting. The presentation begins at approximately 10 o’clock.

Before or after the meeting and presentation, please browse the outdoor “Garden Boutique”, where donated garden-related items and plants can be purchased at ‘dirt-cheap’ prices and fantastic garden gloves are selling for $7 each or 3 for $20.

For more information on the garden club, see the club’s website at

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