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The boys of summer and a dog 

Photos by Mary Hurlbut

The boys shore

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I’m fine right here 

The boys riding wave

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I did it!

The boys dog

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Whoa, I want to do that!

Where’s Maggi – the answers!

Where, oh, where did Maggi spy this ceramic art tile? At the Old Pottery Place, as quite a few people told her.

Our sharp-eyed readers in the know include Mark Porterfield, Mary Anne Henderson, Nancy Wade, Jeffrey LaVal, Barb Bowler, Jan Nelson, John Walker, Cathy Bosko, Ashley Johnson, Janene Freitas, Kathy Bienvenu, Darrylin Girvin, Chad Cooper, Kathy Rosenberger, and Julie Ross.

Thanks for sending in your answers, and for keeping Maggi on her toes.    

Wheres Maggi 8 6 19

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One of several art tiles at the Old Pottery Place, in front of Sapphire

Nothing but the blues at Bluebird

Music in the Park 

Photos by Scott Brashier

Nothing but Magee

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Blues legend Bill Magee 

Nothing but slide

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A great place for young fans to listen to the blues 

Nothing but art

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Art in the park 

Nothing but dancing

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Music in the Park continues on August 11 when Upstream, a reggae/calypso band, performs from 5 to 7 p.m. The series is a function of the Laguna Beach Arts Commission and is funded by the lodging establishments and City of Laguna Beach. Please do not set up before 3 p.m. to allow children to enjoy the park prior to the concert. Bluebird Park is located at Bluebird Canyon Drive/Cress Street. Free trolley service is available to the park.

For more photos by Scott Brashier, see slideshow below:0

{gallery} NothingBut2019{/gallery}

Animal rights event at Main Beach draws crowd of volunteers and supporters

Story and photos by DIANNE RUSSELL

The animal rights rally at Main Beach on Sunday covered a wide spectrum of animal welfare issues. As explained by animal rights activist and author Shelly Fitzpatrick, founder of They Need a Voice – Save Dogs, “[Sunday’s] event had a great turnout of volunteers and people showing support for animal rights! We had many great conversations, along with positive responses from people as they slowly drove past. Our efforts were in two areas: raising awareness to end the dog meat trade and raising awareness about plant based and vegan options to save animals, preserve our planet, and increase one’s health.”

Animal rights Shelly

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(L-R) Shelly Fitzpatrick, Nathalie Gaulthier, and two young animal rights activists

Dog meat trade

Deborah Truax, who adopted Yuki, a rescue from a dog meat farm, attended the rally and said, “Every year across Asia millions of dogs are tortured and brutally killed for consumption. In Korea, dogs are bred on farms and live in  horrible conditions and endure unimaginable suffering. They are kept in wire cages where they are exposed to extreme weather conditions, many are ill, starving, and have broken bones. They are fed rancid food and garbage. They are tortured before they are killed due to false belief that when the dogs are made to endure stress and pain, hormones are released making the meat more tender. It is also believed that eating dog meat increases a man’s virility.”

Yuki was one of the millions of dogs that were doomed to be tortured and killed for consumption. Thankfully, Yuki was rescued from a dog meat farm by a group called Passion For Compassion in South Korea. At the rescue he received veterinary care, food, and attention from the staff. 

Animal rights Yuki

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Yuki, who was rescued from dog meat farm 

Truax said, “It is a complex issue, however, an international effort is underway to end the horrific dog meat trade for good. Recently there have been advances made but change has come slowly. Although there are no animal welfare laws in Korea there are many activists working hard to change that. 

“I have been an activist to end the Dog Meat Trade ever since traveling
to Asia and seeing a Dog Meat Farm. It was meant that we would adopt Yuki and give him the life that he deserves. On January 1, 2018 he left the staff at the rescue that had cared for him and traveled the long flight from Soul Korea to Los Angeles. He was thin with little hair, frail, and very shy. With lots of love, attention, and good nutrition Yuki is an outgoing beautiful boy today. Despite what he endured on the farm he has a sweet and loving personality.”

Animal rights crowd

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Volunteers at animal welfare rally

Turns out Yuki is also a protestor. 

He recently attended a rally at the Korean Consulate in Los Angeles to end the dog meat trade. Truax said, “Wherever he goes people are interested in hearing his story and learning about the dog meat trade. We are so proud of Yuki, he is such a great ambassador! We love him so much!”

Animal welfare and plant-based food

However, animal compassion goes beyond the dog meat trade. 

As Fitzpatrick explains in her book 50 Reasons for a Vegan and Plant-Based Diet, “While the dog meat trade is the most horrific, as torture is intentionally part of the process, the animals here are enslaved, impregnated over and over, milked to death and their babies are stolen from them. Animals are also confined to small cages for their entire lives, not able to even turn around. Animals are used and abused every day, treated terribly, robbed of everything they have. They are thrown onto conveyor belts, pushed around, fork lifted, hung upside down, kicked, beaten and the list goes on. What happens to these animals is criminal and should be illegal. We must be their voice.”

For more information on They Need a Voice – Save Dogs, go to

To sign a petition to end the dog meat trade, go to

Ann Wareham announced guest speaker for Laguna Beach Business Club Aug 15 meeting

The Laguna Beach Business Club (LBBC) is proud to announce Ann E. Wareham, artistic director of the Laguna Playhouse, as the featured speaker at the group’s August 15 meeting. 

The LBBC holds a breakfast meeting the third Thursday each month at 7:30 a.m. and hosts speakers that discuss topics valuable to achieving success in one’s personal and professional lives.

Ann E. Wareham joined Laguna Playhouse in 2010 as Associate Producer and assumed the role of Artistic Director in August 2011. She worked for 27 years as a producing partner and Producing Associate to Gordon Davidson at Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles, producing such plays as Ain’t Misbehavin’, Pippin, Spring Awakening, No Child…, Sweeney Todd, Distracted, Sleeping Beauty Wakes, Edward Scissorhands, In the Continuum, Pyrenees, The Black Rider, Without Walls, Stuff Happens, Like Jazz, The Talking Cure, A Perfect Wedding, and Putting It Together

Ann Wareham portrait

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Submitted photo

Ann Wareham is the featured guest speaker at LBBC’s Aug 15 meeting

Ann was part of the producing team for Deaf West Theatre’s production of Spring Awakening at Inner City Arts and the Wallis Theatre in Los Angeles as well as for its critically acclaimed production on Broadway in 2015. In 2010, she supported the Pasadena Playhouse as Associate Producer for the West Coast premiere of Dangerous Beauty. Her early producing career included productions at the CAST Theatre, the Met, and Theatre Rapport in Los Angeles, and The Victory Theatre where she served on the board of directors. 

The LBBC is a group of local business professionals and entrepreneurs. The group meets monthly to discuss current events, business opportunities, and share insights within the context of our community and our lives. The club’s goal is to build and maintain relationships with local professionals and businesses that club members are proud to recommend to clients and friends. 

Meetings begin with a buffet breakfast and brief networking roundtable. Meetings are hosted at Seven7Seven. Non-members are welcome. The non-member guest fee is $20, payable in cash or check (payable to the Laguna Beach Business Club) the day of the meeting. 

For more information about the LBBC or to register to attend a meeting, visit, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or contact member Pamela Knudsen (949) 285-3730.

Seven7Seven is located at 777 Laguna Canyon Rd. 

Vet runs 100 miles to raise awareness and funds for Shelter to Soldier to train service dog

On Friday, several members of the Patience Wright Chapter of DAR and the American Legion Post 222 Auxiliary, as well as members of the community at large, gathered in front of the local Legion post. O’Toole Vorsheck, a local resident and DAR member, said, “The purpose was to cheer on Roy Weigand, who was set to finish running 100 miles in 24 hours on Saturday between 12 - 1 p.m. at Shelter to Soldier training facility in Oceanside.” 

Roy’s goal was to raise awareness for Shelter to Soldier’s (a 501(c)3 organization) mission and enough funds ($15,000) to sponsor the training of one rescue dog to serve as a psychiatric service dog to a post-9/11 veteran.

Shelter to Soldier™ is a CA 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that adopts dogs from local shelters and trains them to become psychiatric service dogs for post-9/11 combat veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and/or other psychological injuries associated with traumatic service experiences. 

Vet runs Roy

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Submitted photo

Roy Weigand runs 100 miles for Shelter to Soldier 

Every 69 Minutes, a U.S. Veteran commits suicide; 20 veterans and one active duty military personnel commit suicide every day. 

Every day, 3,200 dogs are euthanized nationwide. Shelter to Soldier rescues dogs that are better suited for a life with a job or may otherwise be overlooked, providing them a future with a purpose and a life that is fulfilled by their bond with a veteran in need.

Laguna residents may have seen Roy and his support vehicle and a bicyclist who accompanied him carrying hydration and nourishment supplies. The event was kicked off at Rams training camp in Irvine. The LA Rams are a Red Star sponsor of a dog in training which they named Cooper. Roy then went to cheer squads at the Irvine Marriott and Raising Canes in Laguna Hills before coming to Laguna. 

Vorsheck said, “They passed through Laguna late Sunday afternoon by way of Laguna Canyon to Broadway to Coast Highway, then across Legion to Post 222, where Roy took a short break with our cheer squad. After us he went to a bike shop in Dana Point.” 

Vet runs group

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Submitted photo

Laguna Beach cheering squad: Front row – co-founder Graham Bloem with dog-in-training Cooper on the left. Roy is seated next to them, and on the right are Vic and his dog partner Mia.

“Also present in the entourage were Shelter to Soldier founders Graham and Kyrie Bloem and Vic Martin and his psychiatric support dog Mia. Vic served the country for four years as a Navy mine man, neutralizing dangerous underwater mines until he was injured by an explosion and suffered traumatic brain injury. He spoke with us about his inspirational journey back to embracing life with the support of Mia, and how Shelter to Soldier is helping others like them and saving lives ‘two at a time.’”

Then Roy and his support group traveled down Glenneyre to Calliope and back out to Coast Highway. Roy ran through the night, making some loops to get to the 100-mile goal and closed in on the finish line celebration in Oceanside on Saturday.

The annual “Be the Light Gala,” featuring dinner and live and silent auctions to support the organization, will be held on August 24 at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine. Tickets are still available, and more information can be found online at the link here. More than 92 percent of all funds raised go directly toward the mission of training rescue dogs and then the dog and veteran team.

Vorsheck added, “My goal as a volunteer is to bring more awareness in OC which is why I organized the cheer squad at the Legion and diverted his route this way. Being the dog-loving city we are and with such focus on Patriots, Laguna is a perfect audience. I am still looking for donations from our LB business community for silent auction and raffle items for the gala. From Laguna so far I have garnered one hotel night. I need a dinner and maybe a spa treatment or golf to go with it and other items as well, that would be awesome.” 

For more information about Shelter to Soldier and Roy’s run, go to and follow on Instagram @sheltertosoldier.

To make a donation to the gala, contact the Patience Wright Chapter of DAR at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There’s a new cat in town: Mizu takes over role as LB Kindness Cat with fur real star power


Mizu, Laguna’s new Kindness Cat, arrived in Laguna Beach on July 30 and, according to CeCe Card – her owner and stage manager – she’s adapting well to her new environment. Mizu traveled quite a distance to reach our shores, and since it’s been less than a week, it’s possible she isn’t yet aware of her celebrity status. Mizu takes over the responsibility of the “special voice” that represents the Ability Awareness Project and anti-bullying campaign as Spokes-Cat/Kindness Cat.

Mizu, whose stage name is “Batgirl – The Cat-Actress, Comedian, and Social Activist,” is taking over for Aragon, who readers may remember passed away last year after an impressive career.

“My former cat Aragon – The Cat-Actor, Comedian, and Social Activist – passed in December. Aragon was an American born actor who shot to fame as Glee’s Lord Tubbington in 2010. Aragon and I are known for our commercial, television, and animal therapy work across the country. He was previously a rescue cat and found his mission in the world as an actor, comedian, and social activist,” says CeCe.

Theres a Mizu

Click on photo for a larger image

Submitted photo

Mizu adapts to her new surroundings and celebrity status

CeCe learned of Mizu through Nextdoor and the four-year-old Hybrid Lynx traveled a long way to get to her new digs. “Mizu came in on Tuesday night from Chicago, through a re-homing situation that has fulfilled my desire to adopt an exotic breed cat. We will continue our work together. I’ve had two Bengals in the past – and Mizu is now my current single cat. Mizu will participate in local events such as Aragon did as the appointed Laguna Beach Kindness Cat.” 

Although Mizu has no upcoming events scheduled, she’s now featured on the Kindness Cat Facebook page. 

As for future events, CeCe says, “I will start testing her interest in public appearances next week – with simple leash training.”

We certainly hope she shows an interest, because residents would love to see her in person. She’s a beauty.

Welcome to Laguna, Mizu!

LBPD and LBFD duke it out in first annual “Guns ‘n Hoses Softball Game” on National Night Out

On Tuesday, Aug 6, the Laguna Beach Police Department and Laguna Beach Fire Department will duke it out at the Laguna Beach High School Baseball Field during National Night Out 2019.

The gates open at 5 p.m. and pregame activities start at 5:30 p.m. with a K-9 demonstration on the field. There will be a flag presentation at 6 p.m., the National Anthem at 6:10 p.m., and the first pitch thrown out by Skipper Carrillo at 6:30 p.m. The big game starts at 6:30 p.m. There will be free hotdogs, chips, and a drink!

First Annual police

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Courtesy of Facebook

LBPD takes on LBFD on August 6 at LBHS Baseball Field

This is first softball game between the teams.

Sgt Jim Cota of the Laguna Beach Police Department says, “The LBPD softball team is very excited to be playing the LBFD/Marine Safety team on National Night Out. Bragging rights are on the line. On a personal level, we are all very close so this will be some friendly fun.” 

Engineer Paramedic Pat Cary says, “The Laguna Beach Firefighters are excited to participate in the first annual National Night Out event and see this as a great way for the community and residents to connect with each other and their first responders! To say we are a competitive group of firefighters would be an understatement and we can’t wait to play baseball against our brothers and sisters in Blue! Let’s Play Ball!” 

First Annual fire

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Photo by Mary Hurlbut

It’s LB Fire vs LB Police for the first time on National Night Out on August 6

National Night Out culminates annually on the first Tuesday in August. National Night Out enhances the relationship between neighbors and law enforcement while bringing back a true sense of community. It provides a great opportunity to bring police and neighbors together under positive circumstances. 

The LBHS Baseball Field is located at 625 Park Ave.

Laguna Presbyterian Church to host Red Cross Blood Drive on Aug 7

The community is invited to participate in a blood drive at Laguna Presbyterian Church on Wednesday, Aug 7 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

The summer months create a great demand for blood and right now blood need is exceeding donations, according to organizers. This shortage means patients are at risk for delayed surgeries or treatment. The need is especially great for blood types A, B, and O. 

Laguna Presbyterian Church to host Red Cross

Click on photo for a larger image

Photo by Mary Hurlbut

Red Cross Blood Drive to be held at Laguna Presbyterian at Aug 7 

To schedule an appointment, sign up at and use sponsor code “laguanp” or email Laura Rudd at the Red Cross at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Walk-ins will be accepted, but pre-registration expedites the process. 

Please remember to bring a photo ID or Red Cross Donor Card on the day of donation. 

Laguna Presbyterian Church is located at 415 Forest Ave.

Old Man’s Surf Report app developed and released by Laguna Beach local


Southern California surfers looking for ocean conditions now have access to an application designed just for that purpose. The Old Man’s Surf Report app – using an easy to read user interface – details conditions at the local break, accurately predicting with a four-day surf forecast.

This new app has a strong Laguna connection. Old Man’s is an iPhone app created by Bill Messier and local Boris Gundelach for surfers in SoCal. Messier has chased waves at the San Onofre breaks for 40 plus years, and Gundelach is a passionate application designer and developer living and working in Laguna. The collaboration seems a perfect matchup.

The project started in January of this year. After about four weeks of conceptualizing functionality and design, they started development in February and made the version 1 available on the Apple App Store last week. 

Local connection

The Gundelach family has a strong connection to the community. Along with his wife Carmen and daughter Klara, the family moved to Laguna Beach a little over 10 years ago. They are German nationals, here on a green card, on their way to US citizenship. 

Carmen is an artist in mixed media/recycling/reuse work and has exhibited at the Sawdust Festival for nine consecutive years. She is also a member of the Laguna Craft Guild and participates in their Sunday events on the Cobblestones at Main Beach.

Drawn to the West Coast with its tech companies, Gundelach says, “Having friends in LA also helped to narrow it down. After touring Laguna, it quickly became our choice for its small town charm, its artistic vibe, its Pacific beauty, and its location close enough to Los Angeles, San Diego, and the growing tech scene in Orange County. The excellent schools in Laguna helped the decision too.”

Old Mans couple

Click on photo for a larger image

Submitted photo

Carmen and Boris Gundelach

Gundelach explains how the idea for the application began. “I am a software engineer and designer working with startup businesses. I plan, design, and create apps for those startups from conception to availability on the App Store. I’ve also co-organized Orange County’s largest group of app entrepreneurs for five years – the group has about 2,000 members and organizes up to five events a month.

“Being in the ‘app business’ for the past seven years, I always had this idea about building something that connects my work to the place I am living. Last year I was working on a project connected to forecasting weather for agricultural businesses, helping them make decisions based on weather. And I knew Bill, a fellow entrepreneur I was working with on another project. He introduced me to surfing and shared how difficult it is for surfers to get the information they need to plan their next sessions. Either the websites and apps are too expensive, or they are littered with advertisements so that it is hard to get the information.”

Project began in January 2019

Messier and Gundelach realized they could combine forces to build something that connects to the magical places along the Pacific we call home. 

Gundelach says, “So in January of 2019, we decided to join up and build an app that has just the right amount of information, a pretty and simple to use design, and focuses on providing a very ‘local’ centered view of surfers’ favorite ’spots’.”

Named after “Old Man’s” – Bill’s favorite San Onofre State Beach break – the app is designed to provide everything surfers need to plan their next sessions. It covers tide, wind, coast configuration, shoaling, shape of the local break, swell period and direction, swell height, and more. For example, unique forecast algorithm models incorporate coastal configuration features like island shadowing occurring from Santa Catalina and the other Channel Islands. 

Old Mans Goff

Click on photo for a larger image

Photo by Scott Brashier

Goff Stepien at Brooks St Surfing Classic

“We’d love for the surfers in the community to try Old Man’s. Feedback is strongly appreciated. We want to make Old Man’s the best app for all surfers. To be able to provide surf condition forecast information free for all users, we will add more premium features like support for clubs, secret breaks, and personalized notifications as add-ons and hope for local sponsors and advertisers down the road,” says Gundelach. 

On the Apple App Store, it is called “Old Man’s,” although Gundelach says, “We mostly refer to it as ‘Old Man’s Surf Report.’ To us the reporting part of it is the long-term plan we have about it. We want to work with local surfers, surf clubs, and organizations to add daily reporting to every break. We have it already for the San Onofre breaks, where Bill every day observes and writes about real observations in person instead of just relying on technical forecast data.”

Technical aspects

On the technical side, Boris and Bill collect data from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Weather Service (NWS) as well as other providers who give them access to offshore information, buoys, swell and wind wave height and directions, tides times and heights and water temperature; plus on shore information from weather stations – such as temperature, wind, and wind direction. 

Gunderlach says, “Those measurements will then be combined with what we call ‘local knowledge.’ All the information will then be considered and calculated to build our break by break information for the current day plus a four-day forecast. Surfers can look at all necessary information for five days out, hour by hour, to plan their next session.” 

Version 1 just start of journey

The app is a free download on the Apple App Store and will remain free for the functionality available today. Boris and Bill are planning to add specific functionality, for example: for surf clubs, surf competitions, and events. Those will be available later this year as add-ons, along with an Android version of Old Man’s to become available around the same time.

“So after six months of intense work as a small personal team, we are very happy to have the app out so we can plan for future features. And most importantly, get feedback from surfers about how to improve. We know version 1 is just the start of the journey,” Gunderlach says. “We are hoping to involve the SoCal surf community to make Old Man’s the best tool for surfers of every level and by doing so, contribute to the place we call our home.”

The app is available for free at

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