Nirvana Grille offers “Christmas to go” menu for families, must order by tomorrow

Nirvana Grille Chef and Owner Lindsay Smith-Rosales, successful business owner/restaurateur and mother of two young boys, knows firsthand what it’s like to not have enough time in the day, prompting her to launch a “Christmas to go” menu for local families.

This year I wanted to ease the stress for people. When I was speaking to a client about being home this year with our family instead of going to San Francisco like the last three years, she asked for advice when she expressed how difficult it was to enjoy the holidays with all the preparation and how at the end, she always felt like it didn’t turn out as hoped. She was exhausted and missed half the night,” Chef Lindsay explains.

“I wanted her to have a better experience and I love the holidays and food. I told her I would cook what made it too overwhelming, which meant it all. Then I thought, I might as well open it up to others.”

Nirvana Grille offers

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Chef Lindsay, with sons Diego and Mateo, is excited to offer an amazing meal and experience for families with her “Christmas to go” menu 

“It reminds me of family, of us all making what we love and holds such special memories with my late grandmother. Both Thanksgiving and Christmas are a huge homage to her and the traditions of cooking with her down to making her gravy at the restaurant each year. After Thanksgiving orders I’ve gotten multiple emails, messages, and phone calls from clients that ordered and said it was an amazing meal and experience, so I thought, let’s do Christmas as well. It looks like we have a new tradition on our hands for Nirvana Grille!”

Nirvana’s “Christmas to go” offerings include:

--Platters including crudité, cheese, and antipasto displays

--Appetizers including stuffed mushrooms with goat cheese and beef and turkey brochettes

--Salads including an organic baby spinach salad

--Entrees including pistachio Dijon crusted rack of lamb and roasted bone in pork

--Sides including green beans almandine, cauliflower rife, and mashed butternut squash

--Desserts including pumpkin mason jar cheesecake…and so much more!

Pricing is offered a la carte per person to make it easy for any size group. Depending on each category, pricing varies but it is between $4.50 for sides to $24 for proteins per person per category.

For a full menu or to place an order, call the restaurant at (949) 637-4708. All orders must be placed no later than 2 p.m. on Saturday, Dec 2 and orders must be picked up between 1 and 4 p.m. on Christmas Eve.