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American pride not tyranny

Councilmember Toni Iseman needs a history and linguist lesson, it seems to me. While over 90 percent of us in the City Council chambers on April 16th saw hope, love, and respect for our country, Toni Iseman saw tyranny. Unbelievable. Shameful. Patriotism has become the newest epithet in the left’s continued destruction of American values, it seems to me. Tyranny is defined as a cruel and oppressive government or rule. I saw people, not government, that night, speaking out passionately and overwhelming in favor of the American flag design on our police vehicles. Nothing cruel or oppressive about it. It was beautiful, moving and spontaneous, and heartening to hear people speaking about their love of the flag, what it stands for and those who sacrificed all to preserve it. I didn’t see Genghis Khan, Henry VIII, Ivan the Terrible, Maximilien, Stalin, Hitler or Pinochet, but apparently Iseman did. 

In my opinion, cruel and oppressive is what the left is doing to divide and destroy this country. What I see are people twisting facts to fit false narratives, hatefully labeling anyone showing patriotism and respect for our laws as racist or other “progressive” favored derogatory labels. In my opinion, Iseman’s the queen at twisting facts and false narratives. Her gang of leftists started the flag debate, using terms like “too nationalistic, “ultra right wing zealots,” “symbol of hate,” “symbol of intolerance,” “too MAGA,” “too Trumpish,” “too Republican,” “threatening and intimidating,” etc. I’ve seen the emails, outnumbered by far in favor of the flag. I’ve seen the post by Chris Prelitz urging residents to “RESIST” (his emphasis) the flag logo. People booed him because they believe he was twisting facts. People are entitled to their opinions, but not lies. These few politicized the flag design, making Laguna a laughing stock to the rest of the nation. They were soundly defeated by hundreds of people, locally and nationwide, who refused to let the US’s definitive symbol be beaten down by those who can’t see past their political motives to appreciate that the flag stands for all. Iseman knew she was on the losing end, so I believe she attempted to twist the facts, falsify the narrative. She refused interviews! Those who opposed the flag were victims! Free speech was being denied! She told people to stay away because it might get ugly! How many people? Three of her buddies on the losing side? Nice try, not buying it. Just because you have the right to free speech and an opinion, doesn’t make what you say or do right. On this issue, you and your ilk were clearly wrong. In my opinion, you weren’t victims, you were the anarchist agitators, and you were defeated. That’s called democracy. To me, the only “tyranny” was by the few who tried to push what I believe was a hateful rhetoric on the rest of us. Likely they also supported Colin Kaepernick when he refused to stand for the national anthem. It’s been awhile, but people are finally starting to wake up and fight back for America. It’s about time.

Jennifer Zeiter

Laguna Beach

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