Let’s get toxic products out of Laguna homes and businesses!

Earth Day 2019 was about doing something instead of staying home. My goal was to help people learn how to clean up their homes and stay safe while protecting the planet. In 1970 I had the first Earth Day in Laguna Beach right here in the same spot! In front of the Lifeguard Tower that I saved from being torn down on Main Beach, which I also saved from being a Laguna City Council approved parking lot!

Letter Leeds

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Each and every one of us can make a big difference!

The first step is willingness to have a healthy home. Learning what you are using and what the industry says are safe is important, not just reading labels anymore. The FDA doesn’t require low integrity companies to disclose many items like formaldehyde…and sometimes fragrances are actually chemicals...but not always. The company I shop from uses essential oils for fragrance. Sunscreens and other common body products and especially makeup have horrible items in them such as lead in the lipstick of some of your most popular fancy brands! Just swipe it on your palm and rub a gold ring in it. If it turns black, that company is poisoning you with lead! Another example – if you have bleach or other cleaning products made with highly caustic chemicals under your sink, this is not only a deadly hazard for children, but it actually offgasses and causes enough pollution inside your home as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day! Get rid of those items and shop differently. That is what I show people how to do. Many families are plagued with asthma, eczema, autism, migraines fibromyalgia, and alopecia. It is amazing to find out how the immune system and inflammation correlate to all these issues. Once the toxic products are removed from the home and our bodies, then health often returns very quickly. 


Beth Leeds

Laguna Beach