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Let’s invite Village Laguna to use is creativity and passion about town for steps forward

I am not surprised at the proliferation of letters (mostly board members or closely tied folks to Village Laguna) trying to convince us that they truly are a wonderful organization. Originally perhaps. But I personally can share many stories where their “connections” in city hall – not only as council members but strong relationships with key city hall staff members (many of whom are no longer on staff fortunately) – helped their members. Many of us were so grateful that when they began to retire. When the various committees were mostly staffed by VL members, applying for plan approvals, getting easements, changing parking allocations on the street – as an example that I witnessed – that was done easily for their members through “backdoor meetings,” it seems. I had one member tell me as well as neighbors that I did not deserve a view – they had a forest of eucalyptus trees to ensure blocking not only my view but other people’s as well. Those are just a few instances.

When I mention Village Laguna, it is amazing to me how many people have similar tales to share. Some people eventually moved out of Laguna because they could not take the frustration, rudeness, and even interference in our heritage. Lest we forget, one prominent Village Laguna member even went along with the “kidnapping” of some of our local artwork during the proposed (and thankfully failed) Laguna/Newport Art Museum merger in the late 90s.

I heard so many stories from so many different people – I don’t want to repeat them all and there is no point. Those with first-hand experience are taken aback at what is being written by current supporters to try to change the rightful perception people have of this group.

Again they are inferring how the “new City Council” is going to destroy our city – How about waiting 21 years of needless expense waiting for approval of a new entrance – no parking structure and lots of walking space? Believe me people will have a lot of walking to do to get to their cars or wait for buses to take them out into the canyon. Speaking of the canyon – another telephone pole down and traffic stopped for many hours. 

What is it going to take for Village Laguna supporters to stop trying to reinvent their history and join the rest of the city that is trying to improve fire safety, spending money on much needed repairs to our infrastructure, and many other critical issues that have been ignored while they spent money on so many, well, not as critical things while they effectively held the city in a chokehold. Sort of reminds me of Nero playing the violin while Rome burnt. 

Please stop trying to rewrite your history, covering up some issues that you have created, and start bringing in some your creativity and passion (but not bullying) about our town and start working on important issues. Charm House is cute – but I have been asking the last five years “where is the money going” and the recent “answers” are too late, in my opinion.

Ganka Brown
Laguna Beach

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