Approval of emergency resolution opens Laguna to influx of homeless

Our City Council approved an ‘’emergency resolution’’ [on the homeless issue]. This was done to obtain $500,000 in free grant money from State taxpayers.   

Both the City manager and I agreed...Laguna has done ‘’more for homeless’’ than any other city in OC.

 I opposed the Emergency Program...because for our Laguna the crisis is not a valid emergency. And, tax money is never free.

 Second, the majority of Laguna residents are weary of our village being a worldwide magnet for indigents. Living in Laguna is not a free right. 

 Third, some hidden provisions coupled with this resolution may include waiving of health and safety ordinances during this so-called declared Crisis. Also the program speaks to opening all public property to homeless use and occupation.

Lastly, in order to be approved to be part of this so-called emergency, Laguna drafted a letter of intent to the program named permanent homeless housing...

 As a council candidate I requested the citizens be told what location in Laguna will be considered for such housing. I recoiled at the thought that our treasured Laguna Canyon or your neighborhood could be selected for such a degrading site to give homeless condos or apartments.

Paul Merritt

Laguna Beach