Attack on candidates’ names

Are we missing something? THIS CONTINUED stupid attack on candidates name[s]...MY name is proudly on my U.S. PASSPORT and driver’s license PAUL MERRITT. 

Our wonderful city CLERK certified my name as genuine and valid. Thus, I am a registered Independent voter standing for ALL Laguna citizens.

I didn’t seek OFFICIAL Democratic partisan endorsement in our LAGUNA Beach so-called Non-partisan election. Can the Democrat anointed candidates please explain this ‘’special endorsement ‘relationship’’? 

If we had Koreans or Hispanics or, divorced women in our council ELECTION…such comments about name changes or modifications would clearly be racist and sexist. [Check out how these folks legally use surnames etc. It is interesting and only educated folks would see and understand the fact of their chosen names.]

Regardless, it was not some slanted reporter who chose this non-issue of NAMES...their prayer is to distract from real issues. 

Since time is short [and with kindness] focus on real issues like the MISSING 111 PARKING PLACES downtown, and the CITY ‘’revised’’ homeless magnet emergency Program; that could be of more relevance to voters. 

Best wishes.

Paul Merritt

Laguna Beach