Laguna Beach should have an Ocean Commission

Other coastal cities like San Clemente and Newport Beach have Ocean Commissions or Committees. Laguna Beach, which is dependent on the ocean for its economics and quality of life, has none. 

A Laguna Beach Ocean Commission will monitor and post ocean conditions including visibility, surf height, local sea currents, pH (for acidity from climate change), chlorophyll plumes and sea surface temperatures to detect pollution. The Ocean Commission can also invite and sponsor scientists to live/study in Laguna Beach and track their specialty like kelp forests, tide pools, coastal estuaries, whale migration, sewage plumes, ocean warming, habitat restoration, ocean acidity, sea level rise in downtown areas and popular surfing spots, etc. and publish findings for community presentations.

The Ocean Commission can invite Coastal Commission Staff and Commissioners to regular coordination gatherings at The Ranch to put them front and center, as partners with others, in restoring the Aliso Estuary and Bring the Lagoon Back to Laguna! Open, regular communication would eliminate the unnecessary and expensive battles between the City and CCC, which a majority of Laguna and most California voters support over-overwhelmingly.

Let’s show our love and concern for the health of the ocean like neighboring coastal cities. In our election debates, seek ocean mindedness and ocean kindness.

Sound science should guide city policies.

Check it out:

Mike Beanan

Laguna Beach