Inclusion on City’s Historical Inventory should be voluntary

Property owners should have to petition the City to have their house on the Historical Inventory!

The City should pay to have the property evaluated as to its historical value! The City has the discretion to make it a burden or an asset to have your house on the Historical Inventory.

Please take the time to read the City of Anaheim’s Historical Preservation Program! Totally voluntary!

Personally, I think that it’s morally wrong to force property owners to have to deal with CEQA. After reading the email from California State Historian Ron Parsons, “there is no legal requirement that a city have a registration program or an Inventory.”

Yesterday I was at the LB Community Center for the 10-year anniversary!

The center is the best thing the City has achieved since the creation of Main Beach.

Three “historical structures” were moved to the Canyon to rot!

A shame but best for the community.

The City should make an effort to let homeowners incorporate existing older structures into a livable modern home fit for a family! The City should “bend over backwards” to help owners! Not make it a nightmare.

When you sit in the Council Chambers remember this should be a plus for the homeowners not a burden.

Patrick W. Gallis

Laguna Beach