Judie Mancuso responds to recent letter

Recently a letter was received by you from an individual questioning my professional background. In response to this individual criticizing me as well as other candidates on Nextdoor, I reached out to speak to her about her concerns but was declined. One would imagine if this individual was genuinely concerned about my background she would have accepted the chance to speak to me in person, or on the phone and get answers. Instead she declined to speak to me, showing in fact that her criticisms are nothing more than political theater. 

Furthermore, a simple Google search of my name returns 49,400 results. The results include stories in which my work and I are featured, including in the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, CNN, HLN, Fox News, BBC, NPR, NY Times, NY Post, SF Gate, Sacramento Bee, The Laguna Beach Independent, Stu News Laguna, and many other periodicals, radio shows, online news sources, and all national and local major network stations: ABC, NBC, and CBS. I am tremendously proud of the work for animals I have done, which has reverberated across the globe with bills I have led, and my nonprofit has sponsored in California being copied in other jurisdictions. In fact, Senators, Mayors, and Assemblymembers have been quoted as saying my group, Social Compassion in Legislation, is the premier animal welfare organization in the state, and refer to me as a “force of nature.” 

Lastly, this individual questioned the legitimacy of my over 20 years’ experience in Information Technology. I worked as a systems development manager and project manager for companies such as E-Trade, Toshiba, and other fortune 500 companies. While my work in IT was decades ago, the business management experience I gained laid the foundation for my success in environmental and animal advocacy, serving on a state board, and will serve me well as a councilmember. 

As a candidate for political office, I welcome questions about my work, background and qualifications. The public deserves to understand who will be representing them in office. With that said, this individual is clearly not interested in getting answers to her “concerns,” but rather chose to send a letter trying to disparage me. Next time, maybe this individual should call me. I’m an open book. 

Judie Mancuso

Laguna Beach