Liberate all of Laguna from special interest big money political action committees

Both Liberate Laguna (LL) and Village Laguna (VL) share the same traits...only pick two candidates in order to ‘’take over’’ our City Council. We have in fact three seats open. Voters hopefully are distrustful of both groups’ antics. I am an independent candidate for Council 2018. Only Democrats got interviewed (anointed) by one special interest group and the other just cut off interviews...a farce. 

The current campaign finance city law 1.14 was written for and of the now creepy Village Laguna. This law is most likely unconstitutional as it restricts individual contribution[s] to a council candidate. Any PAC has unlimited campaign fundraising. Presently, the so-called “new kid”, Liberate salivates to embrace this campaign finance law. They admit using big money political action committees with unlimited amounts by big money donors. Wow!

Just an interesting footnote about this possibly illegal finance law. 1. It prevents individual unlimited contributions to make a recall vote. 2. The law does not allow a spouse [or domestic partner] to make unlimited separate property money contributions to their significant other. Laguna made a law against Love! Ha. 

Yes, our Laguna is damaged inside and out by the big money that seeks to subvert the real majority of our Laguna voters’ choice. I urge Laguna to pick on the ballot a third choice and screw up the diabolical forces of local politics.

Paul Merritt

Laguna Beach