A Toxic Campaign

We live in troubling times. Our country is riddled with anger and anxiety. Somehow I naively thought we in Laguna were not subject to the same divisive tactics that we see at the national level. Yet, here we are. 

I’ve lived in Laguna Beach for more than four decades and witnessed a lot of elections. This one has been, by far, the most negative. The personal attacks on fellow council candidates as well as fellow citizens, the slamming of a long time nonprofit organization, the nasty postings on social media, are all so troubling. The general disrespect and uncivil conduct throughout this campaign, has no place in our friendly village. We have worked together in the past, even if we didn’t see eye to eye. My greatest hope is that we can continue to do so.

At the candidates’ forum held at the Playhouse on Monday evening (10/22), the last question asked was about civility. “If elected, how would you bring civility to the Council?” Peter Blake’s answer was especially telling. He answered, “If you want civility, don’t vote for me!” 

Words matter. Civility matters.

Trudy Josephson

Laguna Beach