Vote Yes on Measure P, “for protection”

On November 6, we’ll be voting on whether to underground power and utility poles. Actually we’re voting to pick up a share of the costs or not do it all. So, why vote yes? Who likes more taxes? We’re thinking of this another way: It’s a kind of insurance. No one likes to pay the premiums, until a disaster hits. Then, we’re thanking providence that we did.

We have put this off too long. We need to get serious about public safety. Lately, we’ve had way too many examples of power poles causing catastrophic fires. And it doesn’t take too much to imagine what will happen when the Big One strikes. With only three ways in and out of Laguna, old(er) timers here will remember the dangerous chaos that took place during the devastating 1993 fire.

As longtime Laguna Canyon residents, there have been far too many times we and our neighbors have heard the sickening screech of tires followed by a booming thump as a car hits a pole. It is hard to get such horrific scenes out the mind. And, obviously we can’t to anything about improving Laguna Canyon Rd until the poles are gone. It’s way past time to finally get this done.

Undergrounding is multi-purpose insurance. And, it’s worth it. Please join us in voting Yes on Measure P  (“for protection”) – this November 6. Thanks.

Ann and Charlie Quilter

Laguna Beach