Rep. Rohrabacher and Proposition 6 deserve our support

Democrats’ gas tax costs Californians 12 cents per gallon on gasoline and 20 cents per gallon on diesel. These costs are meant to cover rising transportation infrastructure costs, but are really going toward Governor Jerry Brown’s high-speed railway system. The current budget from Sacramento has increased the costs of the high-speed system to $77 billion. These never-ending increases will hit local economies the hardest. Of course most money spent on this project will end up being wasted as tends to happen with pet projects.

Not only does this tax cost us at the pump, it also hurts industries that rely on transporting their goods. Farmers will have to shoulder the burden of higher cost of transportation, and consumers will see higher prices on produce. Dana Rohrabacher opposes the gas tax and supports voting yes on Proposition 6, which would repeal it. Rep. Rohrabacher and Proposition 6 both deserve our support.

Michèle Monda

Laguna Beach