I resent union PACs interfering in elections; vote No on P

I resent the Fire and Police Unions who try to sway voters into voting Yes on P to tax ourselves/residents. I believe that local unions are trying to intimidate and promote by “fire and fear”, and I believe this was evident at these organizations’ safety forum. I believe you were trying to coerce these new candidates for your agenda for more compensation and benefits than you are already receiving from our fine town. I feel that you have manipulated our current City Councilmembers and that they’ll remember your loyalty and endorsements for past – Cheryl Kinsman, Sue Kempf, and Councilmember Toni Iseman – and bow to your Police and Fireman’s Unions. I believe you have used your money solicited from our good residents to further your compensations. 

I am hopeful the residents and new councilmembers elected will not be as sympathetic towards what many believe are your self-serving Unions that don’t care about our residents – just your bottom line (compensations and benefits). I hope residents will see what I saw at your recent Police and Fire Forum, a slanted agenda. The only Yes on P supporters, Toni Iseman and Sue Kempf were applauding I felt was a completely self-serving line of questions you presented. I felt like it was a foregone conclusion before the forum began at Top of the World School who your Unions based in Santa Ana would support – my new candidates already knew that before going into the arena circus show.

Peter, Paul, Lorene and residents will remember and pursue options to bring what I feel is political office manipulation into control. I hope they will look into potential outside sourcing for services from impartial agencies too – OC Fire/OC Sheriffs – who know better to stay out of politics and aren’t busy funding measures like the Yes on P campaign with Council candidates that I feel will give them what they want. A shameful display you put on, I feel, and your City Councilmembers (supporters) were equally culpable in supporting Yes on P with approximately $500,000 worth of City taxpayers’ money in what I feel was a violation of state laws to influence political agendas.

It contrast, Remember President Kennedy’s speech: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

Instead of what I feel would be your Police and Fire Unions’ self-serving speech: “Ask what city and candidates can do for us firemen and policemen, and not what our firemen and policemen can do for our residents.”

You work for us in the long run, I hope..,time to rethink your Union affiliation who leads you into this messy position. (IMHO as a former OC Paid Call Fireman – Station 6)

I spent my time remembering the 1993 Fire by donating my time enlarging fuel modification areas adjacent Sunset Avenue behind the hospital, making my neighborhood more fire safe. What did you do all do besides collect a paycheck and promote the Yes on P campaign?

Where are the goats and firemen inspecting in South Laguna? They’re working north of Valido Trail, but how about working wouth, all the way through Upper Three Arch Bay? That area hasn’t been thinned above Eagle Rock to Mar Vista, above the hospital to the Three Arch hilltop – nothing since the 1970s. Move into there now Fire Department/City before next fire season.

Bryan Menne

Laguna Beach