Laguna Beach Unified School Board is setting a terrible example for our students

What is going on with the Laguna Beach Unified School Board? I was surprised to read that Dee Perry was denied the chance to serve as Board President, after serving as Clerk. This is the procedure followed in the past, and no reason was given to break with this practice. As far as I know, there was no explanation as to the reason for denying her the post.

I know Dee Perry as an excellent teacher of my children, and as an intelligent, reasonable person. I have voted for her twice. I did not realize that she had spearheaded the streaming and videoing of Board meetings, and I thank her for that. In addition, the meetings also should be televised on channel 852. If there is a conflict with a scheduled City Council meeting, the School Board meeting could be shown at a later time. The more light shone on the work of our public officials, the better informed, we, as the public who elects them, can be.

I understand that instead of giving an explanation for their decision to deny Ms. Perry the chairmanship of the Board, they voted to delete the by-law concerning the annual election of a clerk and president. Why don’t they have the guts to give the reason for their actions? Not giving a reason for one’s actions would not be acceptable in the schoolroom. Why is it acceptable for the School Board? This is hardly democracy in action, and it sets a terrible example for our students.

Thank you to Barbara Diamond and Stu News for covering this important issue.  I was surprised not to find a story about this issue in the other local paper, which usually does an excellent job covering local issues. Let›s hope reporters for both papers show up at the next School Board meeting when the discussion of the deletion of this by-law comes up for a final vote.

Anne Frank

Laguna Beach