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Bella Nenadov: This young entrepreneur has things figured out


Photos by Mary Hurlbut

Bella Nenadov is not afraid to take risks. She’s also not afraid of change. Both of these traits have served the 13-year-old Thurston Middle School student well since she arrived on the West Coast from Ohio three years ago. 

Immersing herself in foreign languages

Bella says her father’s job is the reason the family relocated. Originally, the family relocated to Laguna Niguel. But, Bella says, “My parents heard how good the schools were in Laguna Beach so we moved here the next year.” And Bella has taken advantage of Laguna’s schools, immersing herself in one of her passions: foreign languages. This September, when Bella starts 8th grade, she will take French and Spanish. Additionally, she says she is determined to teach herself Italian over the rest of her summer.

Embracing one of Laguna’s specialties: water polo

Another project Bella has taken on this summer is to become competent as a water polo goalie. She’d like to fill the position on the Laguna Beach 14 and under girls’ water polo team when the new season starts in September. “I want to be the B team goalie,” she says. She explains the current goalie moved on to high school so there is a position that needs to be filled. As a new recruit to the game (it’s not a big sport in Ohio), she has decided it’s her best chance to make a contribution. “We just got a pass to the pool so I will go and do drills. And my dad and brother will throw balls at me,” she says with a laugh. There is no mention of private lessons or clinics, instead she seems determined to master these skills on her own.

Known for her treats for both people and pooches

This self-determination doesn’t end at the pool. Bella came to our attention because she makes natural, homemade dog treats, in addition to baked goods for people, and sells them on the weekends at Moulton Meadows Park. Her schedule isn’t rigid, but she tries to set up her table at least every other weekend. Her treats, it seems, are quite a hit.

LLP Bella closeup

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Bella Nenadov is 13 with a reputation for baking exceptional treats

Her motivation for creating the dog treats was her own dog, a Yorkie-bichon. “They’re very picky,” she says. Her motivation for creating her human treats was herself. “I love cupcakes,” she says smiling. “My favorites are probably blueberry-lemon or raspberry-lemon. I go outside of the box, but not crazy.”

Besides selling to her neighbors, Bella has fans who work for the city, too. “There was this one city workman who bought some cupcakes ands granola. Then he got on his radio and said, “Guys! You’ve gotta come down here!” says Bella. Her mom Jessica adds, “It was a treat for everyone. They enjoyed it and they made Bella feel really good.”

An entrepreneur who keeps it in the family

While Bella has taken ownership of her baking, it has been a family affair. She says her mom is an “amazing” baker, but credits the idea for selling her treats to her dad. “He’s in business. He said, ‘Bella, you could be an entrepreneur.’” She took his words to heart. Her younger brother also has a key position. “He’s my little publicist,” she says.

LLP Bella working

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Bella in action, carefully creating her delicious dog treats

Using her profits for another Laguna specialty: surfing

The success of her venture allowed her to set a goal for her profits: surf camp. The Ohio native wanted to learn how to surf. “I told my mom and dad that I wanted to do surf camp and that I was going to pay for it.” So she did. And while learning to surf wasn’t easy, the idea of giving up was never entertained. “It’s always better when you work for it because you stick with it,” she explains.

A surprisingly sound business philosophy for a 13-year-old

Despite all she has going on, Bella has plans to grow her business. “I want it to be pretty big,” she says. “I want to spread it to our city.” She plans to continue her sales at least every other weekend (water polo schedule permitting) when school resumes. She has an email address for orders: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., but after that she plans on just seeing what happens next. Her business strategy is relatively simple. “Just keep working hard. Have that mindset and always be patient. And be willing to put yourself out there,” she explains.

LLP Bellas treats

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One of Bella’s finished products

She offers such wisdom in a very matter-of-fact way. She is only 13, after all, so she has no idea how unusual her commitment to her goals is. Of course, her mom knows. “She’s very courageous. It’s amazing to watch. She is very inspiring for others. And she has a good voice for being courageous.” 

She is also a great example of just doing it because you want to. When she set up her table at Moulton, she had no idea how many people, if any, would show up. “At first you think no one is going to come. And then, later, some people come, and then more people come. You just have to wait it out,” explains Bella. Hard work, faith and patience are key ingredients to success. For Bella, it’s just one more recipe she has managed to perfect in a very short amount of time.