Police Files

$180,000 embezzled from local business; ex-employee suspected

A local business reported Tuesday that it was missing $180,000. The RP said he had traced the missing money back from last month to June of 2012, police said.

Police have not made many details available except to say that detectives are on the case.

The police log indicated that the RP provided the name of a former employee who is suspected of being involved in the fraudulent bank activity that led to the discovery of the missing $180,000.

Check back for updates next week.

Drinking & driving is not a good idea on super Sunday

Wherever you might be watching the Super Bowl Sunday, you can rest assured a plethora of police units will be watching too – for drunk drivers.

Extra officers will be on duty Sunday here and for that matter, all over Orange County. Special DUI saturation patrols will be all over the place.

If you’ll be drinking, make a plan to have a way home before you go out to your Super Bowl party or local watering hole whether it’s a taxi, Lyft, Uber or a designated driver.

If you’re out there and see someone you suspect to be impaired, dial 9-1-1 and let the cops know where you are. You could be saving someone’s life.