Police Files

Video shows man who passed bogus bills at Orange Inn

This month, the Orange Inn and other local businesses have received counterfeit bills – both fifties and hundreds. The Orange Inn was hit with one of each last week.

The restaurant reviewed its surveillance video with the employees who were working when the bills were passed and placed the bogus bills with one man. The images were turned over to the LBPD and a Crime Bulletin was created to ask for any information you may have and to alert other merchants to be on the lookout for the man.

The LBPD Bulletin:

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Animal services “relocates” rattlesnake from fire road

Eileen Moskow took this photo of Animal Services Officer John Thompson as he convinced a rattlesnake to move off the fire road near Moulton Meadows Tuesday.

Eileen wrote, “The snake was sunning itself on the fire road and folks walking almost stepped on it and called the PD. The pesky snake wanted to stay!”