Police Files

High school acted as soon as it learned of the threats

We have heard concerns from parents that the high school was tardy in notifying them that a student had made serious threats against the safety of the students and staff. Our information would disagree with that conclusion.

The first two sentences of a release by Laguna Beach High School on Tuesday, April 19, may have caused the problem:

“On Monday, April 11, a Laguna Beach High School student reported information to school officials that he overheard a student make suspected threats against the school. LBHS staff immediately notified the Laguna Beach Police Department (LBPD) and the information was thoroughly investigated.”

The student who reported the information that he had heard on Monday waited until Friday, April 15, to inform school officials.

The police department’s log shows a 10:16 a.m. incident on April 15 and it is the only entry in the log from LBHS about the threats.

Police immediately responded to the school and began speaking with the boys involved finally detaining one boy at 2:16 before taking him to the police station where he was questioned.

Sgt. Tim Kleiser of the LBPD said the boy’s parents cooperated with police and that they facilitated a search of their South Laguna home Friday, a search as noted in the police log. Sgt. Kleiser confirmed that evidence was found there but would not elaborate or speak to any additional information since the case is under investigation for the possibility of having the OC District Attorney file criminal charges against the boy.

The release from LBUSD also contained the following:

The District’s proactive, ongoing educational programs encourage students to report information regarding threats of violence. From elementary to high school, students are told that if they “See something,” they should “Say something.” The District’s recent programs on social-emotional supports have also improved the staff’s ability to intervene with students who are struggling, and more students are coming forward to share information directly with school officials and through the LBHS Text-a-Tip program.

Student safety is the top priority of the District, and all safety policies and procedures were followed in this case. While the District understands the community’s desire to know details about this specific incident, the District cannot disclose further details about the students involved, nor any proposed or implemented disciplinary action that has or may occur due to privacy laws.