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Man robbed at gunpoint in Mobil parking lot

Police responded to the Mobil station at 10:30 last Thursday night after a man reported that he had been robbed at gunpoint as he walked to his car in the parking lot of the gas station.

Sgt. Tim Kleiser of the LBPD said, “He told the officers that a black male approached him from the passenger side and had a gun in his hand. The suspect asked for everything in the victim’s pockets. The victim handed the male his wallet that contained credit cards and also gave the suspect some methamphetamine he had in his pocket.”

The victim provided only a sparse description and added that an Asian woman was with the suspect when they fled from the area.

Woman taken for $11,000 by man she met on the web

A woman came to the police station and told an officer that a man she had met on Facebook recently had convinced her to give him nearly $11,000 in three different wire transfer transactions in May.

Sgt. Tim Kleiser said she gave him $1,260.00 to assist him with paying for shipping of some items and later wire transferred $6,289 and $3,000.

When she was unable to make contact with the man, she realized that she had been scammed and came to the police station.

This type of fraud is commonly called the “sweetheart scam”.

Police didn’t release any further details at this time.  

Routine investigation takes a bad girl off the streets

A traffic stop in the 100 block of Brooks Street at 2:57 a.m. Sunday resulted in the arrest of Dava Voss Spears, 46, Irvine, for four Central Court felony warrants – three with no bail.

The charges on the warrants included auto theft, grand theft, three counts of drug possession, false personation of another person when charged with a felony, possession of stolen property from a public entity and possession of drugs while incarcerated in a penal institution.

She was booked at the police station and taken to county jail.

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