Police Files

Witnesses said man hit by car seemed to have walked into oncoming traffic purposefully – police aren’t sure

Police and fire units responded to the 3200 block of Laguna Canyon Road last Wednesday afternoon at 4:16 for a report of a vehicle vs. pedestrian collision.

Two 9-1-1 witnesses, according to the police log, told the dispatcher that “…the man appeared to go into traffic on purpose.” The police investigation is still ongoing and there was no confirmation immediately available.

Sgt. Tim Kleiser of the Laguna Beach Police Department said the vehicle was heading towards town and the pedestrian, a 28-year-old Laguna Beach man, had been standing in the center turn lane before he was struck within the traffic lane.

“He was transported to the hospital for injuries to his neck, knees and had minor abrasions,” Sgt. Kleiser said. 

People who steal stuff from unlocked cars don’t always get away

On June 11, a Saturday, the owners of two unlocked vehicles were victimized by having their wallets stolen on Acapulco Street.

 One of the victims told LBPD that a credit card had been used at a Santa Ana hotel. LBPD contacted SAPD and two persons were arrested.

The total charge made with the credit cards from the one victim was $540. 

Both victims were unaware of the theft or chose not to make a police report for several days.

Drunk driver runs red light – three injured in crash

Wilmon McKeever Gosline, 25, Laguna Beach, was arrested for felony DUI and misdemeanor hit and run last Thursday night when he allegedly ran a red light while headed southbound on Coast Highway at Cleo Street.

He crashed into a car with four occupants at about 11 p.m., police said. Three passengers of the car were taken to hospital for non-life threatening injuries. 

Before that crash, police said he had struck a parked car elsewhere in town.