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Word to criminals: If you drive a stolen Cadillac through Laguna Beach, expect to be caught

Police Files Shawn Lenn MillerOn Sunday, Aug 26, at 11:41 p.m., dispatchers alerted LBPD officers to a white, four door, 2014 XTS Cadillac, which was stolen earlier in the day from Covina, reported by the Covina PD.

According to LBPD Spokesperson PIO Sgt Jim Cota, “Officers located the vehicle on S Coast Highway near Thalia and followed it to Emerald Bay. A high-risk vehicle stop was initiated at Irvine Cove and three subjects were detained.”

One of the subjects, Shawn Lenn Miller, 24, of Covina, admitted to stealing the Cadillac. 

 “The passengers denied knowledge of the car being stolen,” Sgt Cota said. 

Miller was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle. The report didn’t say how the passengers got home.

Bail was set at $20,000.

Street musician allegedly harassed downtown

Police Files Braden Elliot BoltonOn Sunday, Aug 26, at 8:35 p.m., LBPD responded to Bushard’s Pharmacy after reports of “a homeless male subject harassing a street performer,” according to Sgt Cota. The performer called in the incident to LBPD, telling LBPD that the man was yelling at him and that they were located at the breezeway on Forest.

The street performer, later identified as a musician, repeatedly called LBPD. According to the police report, he called at least three times. 

When officers arrived, they contacted the street performer and the subject, Braden Elliot Bolton, 34, of Laguna Beach.

According to Sgt Cota, “Bolton was placed under arrest for public intoxication. While being housed, Bolton became uncooperative and spat at one of the officers. The spittle landed on the officer’s neck and uniform. An additional charge of battery on a peace officer was added.”

Bolton was transported to OCJ.

Bail was set at $500.

UPDATE: Baby bobcat rescued by local good Samaritans is recovering and in stable condition

Two big paws up – the baby bobcat rescued recently by longtime locals Kimberly and Clay Leeds is on the mend.

The Leeds went into parent protection mode, thinking quickly to save the life of a baby bobcat dashing into traffic on Laguna Canyon Road. Clay Leeds talked to Stu News about the harrowing event.

“When I saw the kitten in traffic across from the Dog Park, I realized I had to act quickly or the baby bobcat kitten would be run over. I pulled over, put on my hazards and worked to get the kitten to safety,” Leeds said. “We used an umbrella to annoy the kitten and chase it out from under a car that had stopped.”

Police Files Baby Bobcat

Click on photo for a larger image 

Courtesy of Clay Leeds

Good Samaritans Kimberly and Clay Leeds rescue a baby bobcat on Sunday

The tiny bobcat then ran to the side of the road and hid under some sagebrush. 

“The bobcat kitten was panting heavily like it was exhausted. I called LBPD and they said others had called Animal Services throughout the afternoon, but they couldn’t locate the bobcat,” Leeds said. “LBPD dispatched Animal Services and while we were waiting, the little bobcat ran back into the street. We briefly stopped traffic again, and that’s when Kimberly did a ‘blanket capture’ with a towel from a passerby.”

LBPD Animal Services came and the Leeds helped get the little bobcat into a crate. 

“I’ve been told the little bobcat is recovering and is in stable condition, which is encouraging news,” Leeds said.


Congrats to Laguna’s finest, LBPD Sgt Jim Cota accepted to USC Master of Communications Program

Stu News is proud to congratulate LBPD Sgt Jim Cota on his acceptance to the USC, Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, Master of Communication program in Communication Management. He will be hitting the books soon, starting the fall semester in mid-September.

Police Files Sgt Cota

Courtesy LPBD Twitter

LBDP Sgt Jim Cota pictured with Joseph at the Tip-a-Cop Special Olympics fundraiser, making others’ dreams come true, now it’s his turn

Sgt Cota in his own words:

“I am very honored and excited to be accepted into USC Master’s Program in Communication Management. This was a dream of mine since I was young kid because to me USC has always been the best of the best in schooling institutions.

 “I am prepared for the challenges coming my way in the upcoming fall semester. I was very fortunate to have the support of USC alumni Captain Jeff Calvert and LBHS principal Jason Allemann encouraging me during the application process.

 “Chief Farinella also was a tremendous support by personally writing a letter of recommendation on my behave. It will be much more special now going to the USC football games because now I am a USC student. Fight on!” Sgt Cota said. 

Right on, Fight on, Sgt Cota!

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